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Welcome to my K-world. I love everything about korea. I love their culture and I love their K-pop world. I'm still in the process of mastering my korean skill  :). and yeah, I know how to read and write korean word very well. kekeke. But, only understand kindergarten's korean level. Owh, how I wish I can enjoy my day at Seoul city and Jaeju Island. kyaaa~maybe for my honeymoon? kekeke.

Fyi, I'm a big fan of FT ISLANDsince March 2008! kyaaaa~~I went to their fan meeting and got their autograph, shake hands with the 5 of them and enjoying their amazing live concert! That was my most beutiful moment in live as a fangirl. Choi Jong Hoon, my ultimate bias after lovin Hong Ki for almost 5months. kekeke.!>_<. I'm also now a big fan of INFINITE. Just to get know them last year, early 2011 during Be Mine promotional,The mysterical Myung Soo my ultimate bias in Infinite. As for B2ST I adore their hardwork and rapper Yong Jun Hyung, my bias. Still, even she have a pretty girlfriend. I love his talent and just the way he are. SUPER JUNIOR.Even it's tough being in this fandom, cry a lot because of too much hardship, but no matter what I always being an ELF and attend all oppas concert in M'sia.Btw, I'm proud of my fandom, Primadonna, Inspirit, B2uties and ELF. Because of my amazing fandom, I met and get to know new friends from all over the world. We always talk to each other and they all are so amazing. I just love how our fandom relationship grows. I love you chingguya~~~~ So far, I met FT Island , Super Junior, Beast, G-Dragon, TOP, Seungri, U-Kiss, 4Minute & Teen Top. ^-^

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