Sunday, September 18, 2011


Salam manis,
Tomorrow got Primadonna's gathering at KLCC. 
So excited to meet all my chinggu. Alam maya chinggu. kekeke.
Btw, I didn't get my Pentastick yet coz I just ordered 2 weeks ago. T.T. So, I decided to make my own Pentastick. a really big one. kekeke. 
Owh ya, for those non-k-pop-lover. Pentastick is FT Island's flag. ne, a symbol for us, Primadonna and FT Island. 

we need a thick manila card, of course yellow and black is the main color for pentastick. pen color, scissor, ruler, double tape @ glue and pencil to sketch. ;)
I sketched these lines to get a perfect and neat corner of my Pentastick. kekeke 
While I'm busy with my 'art work' , suddenly 'somebody' approached me. A fat cat with his furry hair! aigooo, I hate you fat cat. how dare you shaking your tail in front of me huh!. naughty you!
fyi, i can't stand cat's tail. I was like "wuaa! gumiho's tail! gumiho's tail!" each time I saw cat with their gorgeous furry hair. kekee. beware! I will pull your tail fat cat! >_<

Finished playing withe the fat cat's tail about 30 minutes. T.T. You have been wasting my time fatty cat!. kekeke. ne, finished my giant Pentastick just before Maghrib .
My Pentastick look nice right. kekeke. *proud* *proud* >_<

and yeah! I managed to make Jong Hoon's board. 
I'm sketching chibi Jong Hoon inspired by Envy unnie. ^^,.
Wahseh! I love my art work!. kekeke. 
So excited to bring them at the gathering tomorrow. 

p/s: sorry loyal reader for using full english. annoying? sorry. fyi, most of my FT Island's post will be read by Primadonna from other country. hope ya understand. sorry for my bad 'engrish' too. keke. I'm not so good, but at least I try. keke.
I'm going to post about the upcoming concert later. ^^, wait yo! be patient!. kekeke.
Gonna go to sleep. will wake up early tomorrow. 
owh yellow! yellow!yellow. 
owh ya! i'm not involved in BERSIH 2.0 ok!
I'm just a proud primadonna who using yellow as FT ISland's official color. kekekee. 
Good Night World! Selamat Malam sayang~~opps!.


syazwan tahir said...

kak kelly! nice blog lah! haha dh lme cri belog kak kelly...jmpe gak akhirnya :), thanks sudi follow belog saya...dh follow belog kak kelly blik. ;)

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

u're welcome :)

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