Saturday, September 24, 2011


Salam manis,

8.08am, I still didn't sleep yet. yea, so sleepy. just finished making pentastick for today's concert. My face totally look so arghh~~~*is this my own face. omo!sembam*. my eye bags going to burst. my back totally going to break. and my shoulder going to fall! aigooo~~aigooo~~mengeluh pulak. hehe. Sorry. I couldn't make a perfect pentastick. too tired already. only put 'FT Island' on the banner.
half of the pentastick that i made. *ini yang belum siap sepenuhnya* T.T
Btw, finished watching all the fancams at KLIA yesterday. yeah. lucky them. One of the guy got high 5 from Jong Hunnie, ok fine, lucky guy. or should i say. lucky man!. *nasib baik bukan pompuan*. kekeke >_<.
Most of the girls were too closed to them. and security, only secure them in front and beside. no security from behind? omo, somebody will give them back hug owh!. bahaya!. grrr~~.
Jong Hoon. looking too hot today. gorgeous.owh my oppa totally an ullzang! 
Jong Hunnie >_< cr:Kpophuntress@fb
Going to stadium merdeka after zohor. going to collect my official FT Island's Pentastick and light stick. going to meet all primadonna and will enjoy my daebak day this evening. 
1 for me, i for Hera <3
 Block D pun jadila, full concert FT island baru duk paling depan. kalau boleh atas stage, duk sekali atas stage dengan jong hun. kekekek. *ok, mula lagi fangirling budak neyh*
after this. no more honey2moony.only *book, book, book, & book* >_< bak kata mr. shy boy. "belajar juga, jgn telampau dilayan korea tu". hahaha. ok boss!. >_< *eyh adakah ini akan terkantoi* arrr~~whatever T.T

Going to sleep now *ada masa 4 jam untuk tidur*. selamat pagi dunia! selamat pagi Jong hunnie! enjoy the nice morning in Malaysia. mmuahhhh!.  selamat malam untuk diriku. sweet dream *-*


Amirah Suhana said...

wowww fanatik habis, muka pun cam korean dah ni .hehe

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

ekekeke >_<. not so korean la. still a Malaysian. A proud Malaysia. keke>_<

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