Sunday, December 11, 2011


Salam manis,

Fyi, FT Island will come to Malaysia again for their Asia tour. yeah! That's mean this time for full concert. Two month ago they came for Korean Music Wave . still remember my entry about how I couldn't take picture because of that pak cik RELA?..T.T. and as I promise to myself. If FT come for their full concert I will surely stand in front of them! kekeke!
And because of my low budget, my dad sponsor the ticket for me. kyaa~~my dad so cool, isn't he? 
Thanks dad. You're the best dad in this world. I thought he will get angry because this year I already spent so much for concerts.T.T.
(1 day before ticket's public sell )
Me : hello pa. where are you? at home? are you busy? 
Pa : Nope, Pa at workshop. waiting for the workers changed car's tires.
Me : owhh, Pa I wanna say something. don't get angry please. hehehe. Pa, I wanna go to FT Island concert. Can I? 
Pa : Owh, ok. just take care of yourself. You going with your friends right? don't go if you don't have friends accompany you.
Me : ok..ok...butttttttttt,,can Pa sponsor the ticket? kekeke. can? can? can?
Pa : How much? 
Me : I wanna stand in front of them. So, must buy the expensive one. I got no budget. kekeke.
Pa: so, how much la??
Me : woot2. Pa would sponsor? really? 
Pa : ya~~sure~~sure, but how much the ticket cost?
Me : (still can't believe dad would agree). waaaaa??really??? RM400 above. can?
Pa : ok, which account should I bank in?
Me : Maybank laaa~~kekeke, Thank youu paaa!!wuaaaa!!thank you!!
Pa : Ok. let me know if the money already in. 
Me: kekeke. thank you!! (i'm dying because of the happiness,,i just can't believe dad would agree just like that..omgeeeeeee)
I wish I can print, no need to ask sponsor from dad.  kekeke. 
And yeah~~~because of my dad. I can buy rock zone's ticket! kyaaa~~kyaa~~
Thank you Pa, thank you! 

My Play FT Island's ticket. One for me, and two for my dear friends.

I went to buy the ticket yesterday. Actually, the public sell start on Friday. How I wish I will be the first person to buy the tic. But, unfortunately got class on Friday until 6pm. Plus, I still didn't recover from flu. Keep sneezing , coughing and arrghhh running nose. T.T.
It's about two weeks already. dear body, please recover quickly and be healthy.♥
Thanks to my roommate, Syikin,  for accompany me.I decided to buy the ticket at their outlets (T-Break Cafe) because the main office located at Subang Jaya. too far from my place. T.T. Before went out, I call i-Lasso ( company who in charged for Play FT Island ticket) if the outlets at Bukit Bintang open and if the ticket available there. The staff say 'yes!'. 
"Yes, you can go there today. The ticket still available".
  Fyi, It's really hard to search the T-Break cafe because it's really unfamiliar. Never heard about that cafe in KL before. kekeke. They give information that it were located in Menara Keck Seng building. I thought it is opposite to Pavillion because we had read the map at moneral station before. So, we walked from the moneral station looking for the building behind Lot 10 and Fahrenheit. 

 Suddenly, somebody approach me and begging me to write my name and bla..bla..bla. I thought it is just a servay like other student's or any company always did at Bukit Bintang. So, I complete the servay and then they ask me to pay for RM60 @ RM30. WTFish! Seriously I just wanna yell at them! They already surround me. asking and begging me to buy the key chain! are you crazy? a key chain that you can buy for RM5, they ask you to buy for RM60. *faint*.
I told them I don't wanna buy. it's too expensive. But they keep begging me and don't let me go. Then, somebody came and  speak chinese to me. I answered back in Chinese telling them I'm not chinese. kekeke. 
That guy : Miss, please buy and help us. If you don't want to buy the RM60 @ RM30. You can buy the RM20 key chain. ok? (in chinese)
Me : (in chinese also) Sorry I'm not chinese. It's too expensive laa. 
That guy : eh? you not chinese (in english)
Me : No, I'm not. (in chinese...kekeke)
That guy : You can speak chinese? 
Me : Just a little bit. I can understand but can't speak well. hehe.
(Our conversation start in english~~)
That guy: but you look like chinese.
Me: Nope, I am Sabahan.
That Guy :  orang sabah?? I'm also sabahan! I'm from Penampang
(then our conversation continued in Sabahan dialect..kekeke)

Then, he called his another friend who also Sabahan. bla...blaa.blaaaaaaa
At last! I agree to buy a key chain for RM20.Seriously, i don't wanna buy that expensive thing but, because I meet Sabahan friends. it's ok la.. T.T
A pen that you can buy for Rm3 at Kaison~~hahaha

Then, we continue scanning for all the building there. Fyi, it was about one hour and still, we couldn't find the Menara Keck Seng. I just wanna cry out loud, it was too hot yesterday. really hot. plus, my running nose! wuaaaaaa. we ask the workers along the street. do you imagine. no one know where the location of Menara Keck Seng. we keep commute from Pavilion to Lot 10 about 3-4 times, searching for the building behind them. wuaaa. At last, we ask the taxi driver and he told us to walked back to Pavilion and walk straight until the last junction. 
can you imagine? back to Pavilion again?? walk straight to the last junction? T.T.
Finally, after a long journey. we found the building. but!!!unfortunately, the security guard told us, The T-Brake Cafe were closed!!!. 
closed!!omg! I really wanna cry in front of the security guard. T.T. seriously I was extremely mad to the staff who told me that the outlet is open. how could you do this to me? wuaaaa. T.T

Then, the last outlets in KL located at KLCC. KLCC is too far!! Have to walked to Hang Tuah station if wanna go by LRT. (tooooo farrrr~~~~~). If take taxi. Toooooo expensive since it's massive jammed in KL. last choice, walk~~walk~~walk there. Seriously, I'm too tired and exhausted dy. So, we decided to rest and enjoy our lunch first before continue our long journey to KLCC.

Owh before I forgot, It's X-mas month!. All the x-mas decoration really beautiful!. love it. Outside Pavilion, they put bear decoration. The bear made and brought from all over the world. It's not just an ordinary bear you know. So pretty and colorful!.
Do take a look dearies~~

And let's take a look x-mas decoration inside Pavi. I love all the x-mas decoration. suddenly miss the moment when I went together with my family last year. T.T.

This year Pavi's x-mas decoration theme is "wonderland'. compared to last year, last year more elegant with gold decoration right?. But, wonderland theme gives cute and merrier look. kawaiii~~~
They also put the Marry-go-round ! I spotted cutie Hello Kitty there! kyaaa~~I wish I was small so I can ride the Marry-go-round. kekeke.
After enjoying ourselves taking picture, we went to McD for lunch. Syikin want to eat her favorite Prosperity burger.yummy~~~~~ ahh, forgot to take picture before we eat, to hungry dy. kekeke. I ordered my fav filet-o-fish ^-^

After lunch, we walked to KLCC. KL is so hot!. Luckily, I bring my umbrella-ella-eeee. weee~~
And because of school's holiday. KLCC are full with families. It's really hard to take escalator. Too many peoples~~tooooo many~~~.Then, again, trying hard to find the outlet, Rock Corner. after 20 minutes, managed to reach that shop. T.T. too tired dy. 
Then, when I step in, the staff suddenly said ticket already sold out! WTFishhh~~I have not ask him anything, he already said sold out!. Seriously, I wanna cry dy.
Then he ask me back.
staff: "ehh,,sorry,,what ticket do you looking for?"

me : FT Island ticket already sold out? seriously? wuaaaaa~~T.T
staff : sorry. I thought you wanna buy ticket for Thirst concert because everybody look for that tic. 
me : how could you say it was sold out before I'm asking you. T.T. I wanna cry dy.
staff: sorry. wait a minute. (ask other staff to process the ticket).

how dare he say sold out without asking me first...grrr~~
then the other staff say something that wanna make me cry again. 

girl staff : I think we can't process the ticket now. have some promlem with the browser.
me: haaaa? what do you say? please sis, I walked far away looking for this tic. please do something..
girl: okay..okay..but it will take a moment. (busy click something on the coputer's monitor).
staff: ok done! total RM1413.00.
staff: Omg, how could you spent so much for concert's tic.
me : It's once in a lifetime to see them. hehe. Sis, give a lucky ticket!. I wanna win the lucky draw. hehehe
staff: hehehe. hope you can win!

T.T. money flew just like that. 3 tickets cost 1K. T.T.
Nevermind, Hope I can win the lucky draw! hope I can meet them on 13.01.2012 for Meet & Greet (1 day before concert). Pray for meee! 
I will treat you guys if I win! kekeke.

Dear Primadonna, let's meet at the stadium next year!
Thanks Syikin for the whole day yesterday!


Nzyrahun said...

i cant go :( my mom wouldnt let me go haihhh,have fun sis !

JAESTAR said...

I'm going to FT concert too !!!! ROCK ZONE L :)

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

@nzyra: owh nevermine. unnie will take a lott of picture for u ok? =)

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

@jaestar: weeee~~~see you there! rock zone L?? aaa~~~jinnie will be on the left!~~~kyaaa~~~>,<

Aieyn Sukkie said...

i'm going too! ^^

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

weeeee~~~meet u there! <3 ^-^v

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