Sunday, January 15, 2012


Salam Manis,

  So, It just happen I got fan meeting pass. I can't believe I can go to the fan meeting. I'm crying when they call me to give me the fan meeting pass. Like seriously? Fan meeting pass which is limited and a realllyyyy really special pass! Omonaa~~let's scream~~kyaaaa~~ . Beside, I got the pass a day before the fan meeting (at late night). I didn't prepare anything for the fan meeting. T.T.
As long I can meet them, no need to worried about that placard thing and etc. right? kekeke. 

After afternoon classes, I rush to Double Tree Hilton. Yea, I have to skip evening's class. I really have to! Sorry madam. But, it's once in my lifetime. please understand me. 
Once again, I lost! I ride the wrong LRT and go far away to Ampang. I thought Ampang park was in Ampang line. T.T wanna cry already. Beside I carried backpack, handbag and dslr. Too tired. Silly me. .I reached Double Tree Hilton about 3.30pm. Then meet my friends from Sabah, Hera and unnie Aida ♥.

We spazzing around with all Primadonna, chatting about our FT boys. kyaaa. I love our Primadonna's friendship. We just know from facebook. But, we were so close to each other because of the boys. Unnies (sister)really take care of their dongsaeng(younger). Because of unnies, dongsaeng feel safe around.
 And that day, we also met Primadude. They came to meet FT, but they didn't have fan meeting pass. If only I can give them pass. It's really tough to met Primadude!. proud of them. seeing FT as talented band. *touched*

We planned to wait them at hotel's lobby but unfortunately, they went to the venue using back door. T.T. So, we rushed to go up and directly went to que. Thanks God, we didn't miss the fan meeting. hahaha. 
Square roots give all of us a really bis Play FT Island poster for autograph session. 

I'm ready with my album "Memory in FT Island". But!!!! staff didn't allow the boys to sign other than the poster they provided. I try to, but the bodyguard quickly put his hand on my album. My friends, Hera only manage to get "♥" sign from HongKi and that big bodyguard mad at her. T.T. FT Island keep saying sorry because the guard didn't allow. T.T

 So here goes my beutiful memory story during the fan signing. 
*before my turn*.
 My heart beats so fast,feel like it will explode! omoooo~~I'm shaking and I can't think anything. I'm speachless~~~The first person is Jong Hoon! It's Choi Jong Hoon! My ultimate bias in K-pop world. My first bias and my first Oppa since 2008!. What should I do? Ottokae? What should I say? 
Jong Hoon : annyong~~
Me : (just smile like a fool and speachlessssssss)
Jong Hoon : (Take my poster and sign on it)
Me: *back to normal person, waking up from day dreaming* "Oppaaaa!!! Sexy leader!!sexy leader!" *jumping~~jumping like crazehhh*
Jong Hoon : *looking at me and laughing* Ooo...oooo sexy leador~~(pronoun leader with his engrish style) kekeke. 
Me *jumping*jumping*. Oppaaaa, can we shake hands,,hands,,
Jong Hoon : Lend his hand like a prince~~~
Me: hold his hand! kyaaaa!!*shake*shake* (he hold my hand like i'm a princess you know! kyaaaa. romatic Choi Jong Hoon!) kyaaaaa.
Before I moved to Hong Ki
Me: "Oppaaa! Saranghae" * showing "love"♥ hand sign to him"
Jong Hoon: *laughing again* "Nado saranghaeeeee~~~~" * he reply me back and showing "love" hand sign tooo.
Me: kyaaaaaa...opppaaaa annyong~~~>_< *blushing and spechless again*
 Jong Hoon : "annyong~~~" waving at me..>_<.

Then, it's Hong Ki turn.
*credit goes to k-pop huntress*
 He also said annyong~~I'm getting high again and now being so happy like a 4 year old kids. kekeke. I dind't ask to shake hand and just wait him finish signing. But, after signing, he shake my hands. then I'm going crazeh again. "oppaaaaaa, your nail art! so cute! that skull thing"!. Then he show his hand to me
*bling bling bling~~~~* That nail art thing so gorgeous.! 

Min Hwan next!
*credit goes to k-pop huntress*
 Kyaaaaa. this little boy so cute! like a 7 year old boy. Baby Minari!
I didn't say oppa coz he is younger than me. puhahaha.
I just said "Minarii~~~minari~~~baby Min Hwan so cute!" . He so shy. >_<
You know what, he put "love♥" sign beside his face on poster. I just wanna pinch his cheek. He is too adorable!! Yea, shake hand with him alsoooooo.

Jae Jin next!
Jae Jin was playing around with us. Look at that scary bodyguard. he look at me when i take pictures! grrr~~
 Omooooooooo!!! kyaaaa! Jae Jin with his school boy fashion style. His new black hair make him look so young! and he really hyperactive. smiling and as always Jae Jin really friendly!
I said to him " Oppa, your hair! your new black hair! Cute! I love it!". And he reply back while holding my hand. "my hair? thank youuu~~".
me: opaaaa so cute!!!

Seung Hyun the last person.
Me: "OMO~~Bob "(didn't call him oppa coz he also younger than me.kekeke)
Seung hyun: "laughing hard when I call him BOB". 
Me: *I really don't know what to say anymore. I just keep saying Bob~~bob~~bob~~bob~~bob~* and show "OK" hand sign. I also don't know what the propose of showing "OK" sign to seung hyunnie. kekeke.
Then the bodyguard ask me to go down already.
Then I keep saying " Bob annyong~~bobbbb". 
I really don't know what to say. I'm speachless already. feel dizzy and It was like a dream! 

Then, I just sitting there while waiting for others to finish the Que.  I dind't go in front to take up close picture. I don't know! I'm blank! =_='. I'm just looking at Jong Hoon from my sitting place. >_<. I don't even wanna blinking! I just wanna enjoy that moment. watching Jong Hoon! kekeke. 
even the fan meeting just a short fan meeting. but! it's too precious. 
 Then,suddenly the mc said that the fan meeting is ended. and only that time I'm back to normal and took out my camera. But, couldn't take clear pictures because so many peoples surround them. staff and bodyguard. 
The organizer, Square Roots really did a job! They attract fans to stay in the ballroom with lucky draw of FT Island's album. So, no one would catch FT in the hotel. 

That's all! It's happened within 30-45 minutes.
with MY Ft Island primadonna fan club >_<
with Japanese Primadonna. They were in the same flight with FT Island. and they all so kind. We had conversation with them. They said, they will be in PLAY FTI in Singaparo on 15th >_< kyaaaaa. hardcore Primadonna.  kawaii neeee
 But, I feel like it was my dream only. I still can't believe I met them, FT ISLAND who I adore the most during this 4 years ,and I still can't belive i had a short conversation with Jong Hoon, shake hands and kyaaa! I can't express my feeling. It's too hard to explain. 
I sleep with my hands on my face that night! kekekeke. 
 Thanks God for giving me such a beutiful memory. Thanks Square Roots for planning such an amazing Fan Meeting!. You know, It's really hard to shake hands with FT Island during fan meeting. Usually they only give 'high 5" or the best one is "high 10" kekeke. But, lucky we, Malaysia Primadonna can shake hands with the boys. We all so lucky. It will be our best memories in our life as a Primadonna. 
Thanks FT island for treat us friendly even you all tired with unstoppable and busy schedule.
Thanks for being my Five Treasure Island.
Thanks for such a beautiful memory.
FT Island manse!!manse! manse! 
Official Primadonna riding hood cape >_< is it cute? kyaaaaa.
going to update bout the concert later~~~I saw a lot of pictures of FT. daebak! you guys so fast! 
my internet connection kinda slowwwww like a snail 


moadeep said...

You, my dear, are adorable.

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

awwwww, thank you~~~~~*blushing* >_<

Anonymous said...

Ur so lucky :)

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

@Killa92 Just my luck maybe. btw~thankssss~~>_< <3.

nana said...

excuse me,where did you buy the official ftisland riding hood cape? berape ye harganye? do you have an official primadonna account? and when will you re-take orders for ft island album?

Anonymous said...

Original signature on bodyguard pass for sale (ex ft island bodyguard)

Anonymous said...

017 307.3269

Boucing Sky Blue Bow Tie Ribbon