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Released exactly at 12KST 31 January 2012 .
All Primadonna all over the world waiting in front of their computer and refresh FT Island Official You tube like a mad minutes before the MV released? am I right? I'm also did the same thing. kekeke. When I watch already 200++ viewers. You all so fast ne? >_<.
Even though some of you keep comparing the MV with JYJ in Heaven. Like I care? I love both the MV but for sure it is different. Even Jong Hoon didn't appear, I'm still replaying the MV and wish Jong Hoon appear! [if only Jong Hoon is the drunken driver who hit Hong Ki]. puahahha. Nae Sobang didn't appear T.T. Other oppas also didn't appear. Btw,Good job to our Hong Star for his 5 stars acting!. *clap*clap*
Let's wait for all their comeback stage at Music Bank, Inkigayo, Mnet etc. 
FT Island 4th Mini Album "Grown Up" Manse! 

Enjoy Severely. Dear HongKi biased. Don't be sad. Our Hong Star still alive! >_<

아무 표정 없이 아무렇지 않게 그렇게 보내주길
Amu pyojeong eobshi amureohji anhke keureohke neol bonaejugil
Letting you go without any expression, as if it's nothing

매일 연습해봐도 어색하기만 하고
Maeil yeonseubhaebwahdo eosaekhagiman hago
I practiced doing that every day but it's still awkward

웃음을 보이며 몰래 우는 법도 매일 연습해 봤지만
Useumeul boimyeo mollae uneun beopdo mae-il yeonseubhae bwahtjiman
 I also practiced how to secretly cry while smiling but

떨리는 목소리에 금새 들킬 것만 같아
tteollineun moksorie keumsae deul-gil keonman gata
I feel like my trembling voice will give it away quickly

사랑하는 보단 이별 하는
Saranghaneun geot bodan ibyeol haneun ge
Loving is probably hundreds and thousands of times

아마 수천 수만 배는 힘든데
Ama sucheon bae suman bae-neun himdeunde
More difficult than breaking up

없이 사는 바보인데 어쩌라고
Neo eobshi mot saneun paboinde eocheorago
But I'm a fool that can't live without you - what do you want me to do?


지독하게 너무 지독하게 너를 사랑했나
Jidokha-ge neomu jidokha-ge neoreul sarang-hae-nna bwah
Severely, I guess I loved you too severely

숨도 쉬고 너만 찾는데 도대체 언제쯤 그만 있는지
Sumdo mot shwiigo neoman channeunde dodaeche eonjecheum keuman dul su i-nneunji
I don't even breath and I look around for you I don't know when I'll be able to stop

지독하게 너무 지독하게 너만 사랑했나
Jidokha-ge neomu jidokhage neoman sarang-haenna bwah
Severely, I guess I loved you too severely

보내기가 내겐 죽기보다 힘든 지독한 일인 같아
Neol bonaegi-ga nae-gen jukgiboda deo himdeun jidokhan ilin geot kata
I think letting you go is more severe than dying

아무리 아파도 아무렇지 않게 그렇게 하루를 보내길
Amuri apado amureoh-ji anhke keureohke harureul bonaegil
No matter how much it hurts, every day I practiced

그저 익숙해 지길 매일 연습해 봤지만
Keujeo iksu-khae jigil mae-il yeonseubhae bwahtjiman
Trying to get used to spending a day as if it's nothing

어차피 너를 잊진 못할 같아
Eochapi neoreuri-jjin mothal keot kata
I don't think I can forget you anyway

고칠 없는 병에 아프다 해도
kochil su eom-neun byeonge apeuda haedo
Even if I'm sick with an incurable disease

없이 못사는 바보인데 어쩌라고
Neo eobshi mossaneun paboinde eocheorago
I'm a fool that can't live without you - what do you want me to do?

지독하게 너무 지독하게 너를 사랑했나
Jidokha-ge neomu jidokha-ge neoreul sarang-hae-nna bwah
Severely, I guess I loved you too severely

숨도 쉬고 너만 찾는데 도대체 언제쯤 그만 있는지
Sumdo mot shwiigo neoman channeunde dodaeche eonjecheum keuman dul su i-nneunji
I don't even breath and I look around for you I don't know when I'll be able to stop

지독하게 너무 지독하게 너만 사랑했나
Jidokha-ge neomu jidokhage neoman sarang-haenna bwah
Severely, I guess I loved you too severely

보내기가 내겐 죽기보다 힘든 지독한 일인 같아
Neol bonaegi-ga nae-gen jukgiboda deo himdeun jidokhan ilin geot kata
I think letting you go is more severe than dying

 차라리 이럴 거면 사랑조차 말걸
Charari ireol keomyeon sarangjocha mal-keol
If this was how it's going to be, I shouldn't have loved

언제쯤엔 잊을까
Eonjecheumen ijeul-kka
When will I forget you?

미련하게 너무 미련하게 너만 사랑 했나
Miryeonha-ge neomu miryeonha-ge neoman sarang hae-nna bwah
Foolishly, I guess I loved you so foolishly

다른 사랑은 꿈도 꾸게 하는 너만
Dareun sarangeun kkumdo mot kkuge haneun neoman
Because of you, I can't even dream of another love

너밖에 모르는 바보인데 어쩌라고
Neobakke moreuneun paboinde eocheora-go
I'm a fool that only knows you - what do you want me to do?

지독하게 너무 지독하게 너와 이별하나
jidokha-ge neomu jidokhage neowah ibyeorhana bwah
Severely, I guess we broke up so severely

가란 말이 뭐가 어려워 입술조차 떼지 못하고 머뭇거려
Jal karan mari mwoga eoryeowo iptul-jocha tteji mothago meomutkeoryeo
What's so hard about saying goodbye that I can't even open my lips and am hesitating?

지독하게 너무 지독하게 너를 이별하나
Jidokha-ge neomu jidokha-ge neoreuribyeorhana bwah
 Severely, I guess we broke up so severely

흉터보다 깊이 가슴에 남아 너를 지울 없을 같아
Hyungteoboda deo gipi gaseume nama neoreul ji-ul su eopseul keot kata
You remain deeper than a scar in my heart so I can't erase you

credits : 
Hanggul + romanization : Auroraslight7/youtube
English translation : pop gasa
Take out with full credits

p/s: All ballad songs. No rap....? I'm smiling like a fool~Track no 5. Jong Hoon first one who sing~~sexy voice..kyaaa...All member also singing for Track 5 We Hope Become Lovers - FTISLAND (에프티 아일랜드) . It's a song for Primadonna. I hear "Chocolate-chorom" <<- So, we all like a chocolate. sweet like that? kekeke.  >_<. I'm not going to listen songs from illegal links. (nappun nom~~just 1 hour after 12KST, all you tube links for full songs spraed like a virus already. T.T)  Just listen half of the songs from Melon (It's legal ^^)
Ahhhh I still want all the 5 member appear in the MV. FnC can you do 5 version of the MV. I version of Hong Ki, 1 version of Jong Hunnie, 1 version for Jae Jin, 1 version of Minari and for Seung Hyunnie? can? can? . #Forever replay and  #Forever Cry
I'm going to watch A person who close to Tear now! Hoon also died in the MV. Then watch Heaven part 2 where Jae Jin died.  FnC Appa Who's next? T.T

Sunday, January 29, 2012


First of all, 
I'm really appreciate will all the positive feedback about the FT Island 4th mini album orders.*bow*
(half of you guys already paid and bank in money to my acc. tq. I already replied your email  :) After all Pris already paid, I will post our orders ASAP to Synnara. Please wait together ne?. ^-^. Payment deadline on 4th february . ok? ^^, )
But, as usual not everyone happy and support what you did. I received negative feedback too. And what hurt me the most, saying that I'm taking opportunity and just make a stupid news =_='. 
Saying that as long as you buy their album, it's all the same. It will count on any chart~~bla~~bla~bla~~
So, let me explain about Hanteo, Gaon and K-Chart. 
Even though I'm not expert about these thing, as I'm not a KPRI (Korean Primadonna), but being an ELF give me a lot of experience. As an ELF who want Super Junior leads the chart, I want to see my ultimate biased band, FT Island leads K-Chart (music bank, Inkigayo, Mnet etc) and especially to increase their album selling (100% reflect to Golden Disk Award (digital album sales) and other awards ceremonies ).

Ok, back to my main point. I did mention I will buy the album from SYNNARA records. why SYNNARA? I'll explain after this. I'll tell about Hanteo Charts first ok? >_
For Year End caremonies especially GDA. (why always mention GDA?, Golden Disk Award have the same level as GRAMMY AWARD in Hollywwod. so It's really important) awards were given based on album selling + judges. Every years, Hanteo will released Charts of most selling album in Korea . (based on daily sales, weekly sales, monthly sales and yearly sales) . See? Hanteo really give a really big impact for awards ceremonies. chincha!
Here, a print screen from year end sells charts for last year (2011)
We can only see no. of album's selling for the 2nd place because yeah, i'm not a Korean. Only registered member (required korean nationality) can see the whole charts =)
 You can read article about the best album selling for 2010 : CLICK HERE
Best album selling for 2011(until May 2011) : CLICK HERE
For your best review throughout the years (2007*FT Island debuted -2011). 
done reading? *ok let's continue*
How many years FT Island dominated album sales chart? We can see CN BLUE nominated  more of the album selling charts than FT Island right? Please, I'm not bashing CN Blue. Don't make a fan war because of this. They are both from Fish and Cake. They are families and we know how much they close to each other right? Most of Primadonna also a BOICE. so don't make any bad assumption. What I wanna said, why not we make our boys dominated the chart also? right? together with CN Blue?
Not just for GDA, it also important for others awards ceremonies for instance MAMA, Seoul Music Award & etc. 
So, now you get how important Hanteo Charts for Year End & Awards Ceremonies right?  
Btw, Congratulations to FT island for winning Rock Band Award and Cosmopolitan Award at  GDA months ago. ( 1 day before they come to Malaysia ^_^v)

Next. I'll explain about shops that reflect to Hanteo Charts. As I said before, buying album from any K-pop shop that not reflect to Hanteo doesn't help the boys. Really!It doesn't even count on album selling. Even you said it was original, but it comes from unknown sources. Business tactic? T.T. I really don't know how to explain this part. sorry. But, what I understand from K-ELF mostly explain, we should get authentic album to ensure it counts on album selling. Why? because we can help them to stay longer in K-Charts (music bank etc) 
Synnara (Korea), Hot Tracks (Korea), Kiky Music( Korea )and newly Yes Asia (international) and DVD Heaven (International ) are one of Hanteo's families shop.

 I can't guarantee if any shop in Malaysia saying that their album reflect to Hanteo chart is from trusted sources. I'm not saying you can't buy merchandise from others shop. But, now we are focusing on helping FT Island to be be on the top charts. to stay longer in K-charts and of course we aim to make they win year end awards. This Year 3 awards for them ok?(rock band, cosmopolitan and album sales ranking) weee~~! right? *high 5* please haters, don't just come here to make bad assumption. It's your choices. :) *sbg pengguna bijak* You have your right to choose. 

So, I will buy our albums from Synnara. ^-^. 
This is recommendation from ELF (this is during 5jib album last year) and ELF hard work pays when Super Junior win and have the most selling album on 2011. refer to the my print screen on Hanteo Charts. Super Junior 5jib= NO 1 *jumping*jumping* >_

I hope no more negative or bad words after this. Personally, it really hurts. But, because of I'm a Primadonna., so I'll say "dear haters just go and have your own life!" >_<.
And please and please take note. RM45 already includes international shipping. *balance will be return if we have to pay only small taxes* So, with this lowest deal, it might be hard for us to get posters. I hope you guys know this well. Just compared price to others shop ne?
Plus, according to Synnara, If we get free posters. They can't provide each posters with tube. they will compile all the posters together in a tube.
Please and please, I'm not taking any profit from this orders. I'm just helping Pri so please show your manner to me even I'm on 91 liners ne? . *kumawo*. ^6^

big credit goes to : ELF <3
a big thank you to withtreasure and ELF admin for 5jib album~~Thaks for all the tips.
If my information not crystal clear anough for you. Mr Google would help u. =) 

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yeppieeee my own 30 days picture challenges >_<.
Come and join me dearies! Copy this picture and make an entry to start your challenge~~
Therefore, your blog would not be on hiatus mode for such a looooooooogggggg time. right?
Let's brighten up our blog with this photo challnge~
Fighting haja! >_<

Anyone? let's do this together! yuk~~^-^v
A picture is a poem without words ♥

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Salam manis,

I still can't sleep. It's already 5.33am. IDK. I miss home so much. plus, it's already 3 days. I didn't go out! I didn't see sunshine! >_<. *ok tipu, tadi ada keluar ke pasar malam*=malam. what's wrong with me. being like this. argh~I hate this feeling. I call my younger brother today. Argh~ It's make me moree sad. I miss them! argh~~wae? =_='
And for the whole day I'm busy searching for any available FT Island's special album: The Refreshment. Yea, I still didn't have it. I'm still 17teen y.o that time. Didn't know about online shopping *already got meyh?*. plus, it's really rare to find those k-pop stuff in early 2007-2008 especially in Sabah. And i don't know why! I'm so frustrated searching for that album for the whole day. This is the first time I click until 100++ pages of google search. Yeah, I know it's already out of stock. It's a rare item. But, each time I found someone who wanna let go their album. It's already sold out just a month ago~~and I found someone who wanna sell her album with all 5 member autograph for RM3000.00 ! yeah 3K!!!! omonaaaa~~how come. I can buy a new laptop already! T.T
 Last year I found someone who wanna let go, but she's in SG. And she put higher price + shipping cost. *faint*

Please somebody who wanna let go The Refreshment album. I really want it! I searched for a long time already. but, because of this pabo feeling', I want it so badly now. right now. ASAP.  (what's wrong with me =_='. always want something badly suddenly) 
Cheballlll~~~Anyone wanna sell The Refreshment . but, for sure it should be in good qualities. 
Contact me ASAP.
credit goes to Eeling/fb. I took ur pic. Why sold out dy? I want it so badly from you. wuaaa *cry me a river* >_<
Why it should be out of stock~~sold out~~blaa~~bla~blaa~~

I waonder if it would be perfect for my B'day present this year!
Any one wanna give me??
kekekekekek >_<

Monday, January 23, 2012


Salam manis,안녕하세요 ㅎ_ㅎ
Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Lunar New Year dearies ^-^ v.

Btw, we had 4 days holiday and I'm spending my holiday alone in dorm. ( T_T ) , Can't go back to hometown. Owh I miss Sabah so much. Frankly speaking, I feel like dying. Didn't speak to anyone and feel like I'm the only alien live on earth. puhaha. I didn't go out yet! Nigga my eyes if I go outside. ㅋㅋㅋ.
Ne, Just spend' my days watching back all videos in my external. k-drama~~concert~~variety show~~>_<
It's been a while, watching back old videos in my external. Thanks God, I had a lot or else I'm gonna die because of boredom!! cheongmallyo! 

Yesterday night, I watch' back MNet Scandal. Still remember that variety show? Omo, It's the cruelest variety show for me. Celebrity were given 1 week to date a normal girl/guy and they have to decide weather they want to continue after a week dating, by sending their real no.phone on the last day. Aigooo, poor little heart. >_<. Cruel isn't it? (But, not as cruel as WGM i think) But still, I enjoy watchi' either Mnet Scandal and WGM (psst~~I'm the biggest fan of WGM). Puahaha. 

Btw,believe me. I only watch that Mnet Scandal once in 2009. I don't have courage to click that replay button especially for Jong Hoon Mnet Scandal. omo! *forget it* enough watching once years ago. never ever open that folder no matter what. puahhaa. *too jealous* >_<. 
But yesterday night!!!! I open that folder again and watch it back!! omonaaaa~~how come~~T.T. 
(And i have to endure that heart attack feeling again along the way) Pabo gatte.>_< aigooooo.
Ahhhh~~watching back old memories. (that mother-like-feeling) "Omonaaa~~~This boys really grown up!" 
P/s: FT Island new mini album (4th Korean mini album) will be released on 2.2.2012 " GROWN UP"
Track lists:
  1. Grown Man
  2. We hope to become lovers
  3. I'm a foolish person
  4. Severely
  5. Even had lost a friend
Mv teaser will be released on 12KST 26th Jan 2012 ^_^
*waiting for their comeback stage~~~*save money for album~~>_<~~~~*

After watching Hong Ki's Mnet Scandal Episodes, I'm goggle-ing that unnie name "Kim Yeo Hee".
Omo,,lame me! Am I the only one lame Primadonna who just know that unnie already debut as a solo singer???am I the only one? why no one telling me~~*cry~~~* ㅠ_ㅠ (omnaaaa you only stalk Hoon everyday, that's why!)

That sweet pretty unnie debut last year. And she's really a good singer. Reach until 4million viewers for her cover in You Tube. She the Applegirl unnie. She make cover with i-phone and i-pad thing. She's really good.
Ah! now I remember why Hong Ki said this years ago in his last message in Mnet scandal ( when Hong Ki decided not to continue their dates.....)
"if noona continue to write songs we will definitely meet again"

Yeah. I'm the only one didn't know. She debuted last year. I love that unnie so much! she's really sweet and their Mnet Scandal episodes is the best episodes for me after Jo Kwon and Yu Mi noona and also T-ara Qri and Tae Joon oppa. >_<. (Jong Hoon did too much skinship. I will consider it's tooooo bad. puhahaha. *kidding*. Jong Hoon too romanntic with that unnie. I can't stand to watch twice! even 3 years ago! i still remember the episodes clearly. omonaaaaa>_<) 

Hong Ki still being a good friend with Yeo Hee noona. He follow her twitter ^-^. @0applegirl0
Hey, girls. don't bash her okay! I read comments in you tube. dearies, It's in 2009! 2009! why should you bash your own idol. aigoooo~~it's just a variety show. plus, your oppa also a human. Someday, they should get married to someone their love. *peace* ^-^v (yeah, even Hoon will date and get married someday, I always support him no matter what.<3 )

This is one of her best cover that I love so much!yeah, my favourite song "Geek In The Pink" She's good in English right? ^-^v

And I can't stop replaying her official first single song "My Music". 

And my favourite would be "December". Forever replay~~~>_<

Falling in love with her voice. Should stalk her more after this! kekeke. ok bye! 
Don't laugh at me. I'm so lame. I just know bout her yesterday. T.T (ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I know some of you also didn't know right! can we laugh together-gether now?. kekekeke ) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Subscribe her You tube channel ! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Salam manis,안녕하세요

 So here we goes. As I promises. no essay-like entry. just enjoy the awesome pictures Pris! Btw, the 3 hours concert was so amzinggggggg. Awesome stage, awesome sound system, awesome song arrangement, awesome organization...everything was awesomeeee.Totally daebak! HongKi powerfull voice! Jong Hoon powerful sexy guitar skill, Jae Jin with his awesome bass, Seung Hyun with his amazing rap and Min Hwan awesomeness beat the drum! Amazing weyh~~ 
Even Baki zainal now become a Primadude (FT Island fans called Primadonna, but when it comes to guy we called them Primadude♥). kekeke Abg Baki now you know how awesome FT Island right? 
Totally worth it! Being in the rock zone totally rock! >_<. 
I'm proud with my Five Treasure.They don't need to capture peoples with their look or even with their dances!It's enough with their amazing talent playing instrument and singing skill. 
I'm proud to be a Primadonna!
aaaaa. sorry!miannn.. I can't stand to write essayyyy. kekeke.
Btw, I'm satisfied with my pictures!
Hong Ki always see right into my camera! Jong Hoon awesomely being sexy with his guitar skill in front of me..omoooooooonaaaaaa. too hot! Nae Oppa jjang-hada!!>_<
Btw, just gonna uploads half of my pictures in this blog, or unless, this blog would be loading with toooooo much awesome pictures!..kekeke.

Minutes before the concert start, 8tv night live and TV3 ask us too scream "FT Island" in front of the camera. And tv3 ask us too sing~~~puhahaha. >_<
It's Abg Baki Zainal! the awesome baki~~weyh~~kekeke
he come with yellow outfit..kekeke. see..he's a primadude ok? keke.
Opening song is "Barae"-I hope >_< And my favorite part would be during the aqustic songs. "Sunshine girl" and "I confess". This is the first time they singing sunshine girl live in aqustic version. once again.lucky Malaysian Primadonna! weee~~. and, i'm crying during I confess. Fyi, I laugh when I play back my own fancam, i can hear my crying sound. puhahaha. And encore part would always be in my mind. Hearing old songs, After Love and Until Your Return remembering me all these past 4 years. It's almost 5 years since their debut. They improved so much. >_<.
Aaaaa, ok..I'm uploading my favorited pictures in this entry. Other pictures you can browse in my personal Facebook. ok? *wink*
Let's check it out~~shall we? kekeke

HongJae >_<
Hong Ki lookin' at my camera? kyaaaa
aigooo. cutie jin >+<
again? looking at my cam? >_<
andddd again,,looking at my cameraaaaa??kyaaaaa.hongki-aaaaaa>_< kekeke
 Before the leave the stage, Square Roots staff bring out something for the boys! It's Pulut Kuning. Look like they really curious about the 'Pulut Kuning". Unnie Ira make it>_<. MY FTIsland fan club jjang! >_<
the curious baby Minari. Seung hyun laughing at him. puhaha.
I'm gals! at least have picture of this cutie little boys. It's really hard to capture his cutie face because he always be in the back playing his drum. kekeke. He look like little Rain right? minari~~~
Kekekkee. Jong Hoon oppa was waving and playing with the fans at the end. when he look back. All of the member left him alone. puhaahha>_<. kyaaaaa.cute!.

kkun~~~You can brose in my facebook's album for moreeee pictures!
(please do not crop, remove credit. Please give me credit if you re-upload. and please, even you edit for tumblr thing~~do not remove cedits!thank youuu~~~)
After concert, they fly to Singapore for perform there. I wonder how can these boys gain their energy.
12th January-Attend Golden Disk Award in Osaka
 (perform live and Hong Ki is the MC)
13th January-Fan Meeting in Malaysia
14th January-Play FT Island concert in Malaysia
15th January-Play Ft island live in Singapore
16th January-Fan Meeting in Singapore
17th January-start their busy schedule in korea
They never show how tired they are. They give their best performance for Primadonna and their audience.
Even they sick, tired, but they still being friendly with us, chatting, give autograph and playing during fan meeting. never ending schedule continue.
They preparing for their comeback in February.
Dear oppas, please take care of your health and produce good music.
No matter what, Primadonna will always be with you all
FT Island Manse! Manse!
Wishing this 2012 bring amazing years to you and all Primadonna chinggu.
 FT ISLAND! Thanks for make my 2012 daebak!
thanks for this beautiful memories. Let's fighting together! >_<


Salam Manis,

 Play FT Island concert start at 8.30pm. But, we went to the stadium early in the morning to que in front.
The funny moment when we reach the stadium, we saw everybody was running fast!. Automatically we also running !!! can you imagine, we running to que like an amazing race even it's still 8am in the morning.
But, luckly at rock zone R entrance, there was only 2 malay girls and 3 koreans. then a group of chinese girls from FT Island Malaysia Chinese FC. so, I'm at the third lane >_< *happy* So, we went to breakfast first after put our belongings to save place. 
After breakfast we went to snap pictures at Digi Youth booth.
 About 9am, unnies from our MY FTI fan club come. We open our booth together. Our booth beside Digi booth ^-^v.Did you guys see us last days? kyaaaaa>_
setting up our booth. put all our hand made placard. kekeke.
It's Unnie Sarah and unnie narina at the back. keke. she look so happy. keke >__<. kyeopta~~
Unnie Ira, Unnie Wawa and Unnie fyn. kyaaaaa,
  That day we sell MY FTI t-shirt and serve body painting service at our booth. =). And we also distribute Primadonna balloon for Primadonna at sitting zone. 

It's Isabelle there with his "skull"hong tee and stars painting on her pretty face!, kekeke. Do you know who paint Isabelle's face? She's the unnie that win I ♥ FT Island photo contest, the one who paint her hand>_
Hera also paint her face with stars~~yeah~~Hong Ki biased >_<
hahaha. I'm laughing out loud seeing the digi staff running to catch the giant digi balloon. >+\o< so funny! kekeke
Fyi, I won free rock zone tickets! two tickets!thank you The Star! Thank You square Roots!I'm giving it to my bestie Sarah and Steffy. Sarah love Seung Hyunnie so much and luckily Square Roots giving rock zone L tickets . kyaaaa~~
Before ques, we went to the booth outside the stadium. A lot of FT stuff were sell there. Idk what to buy, plus I already bankrupt spending money for official merchandise from FnC. So,I 'm just buying a fan! kekeke.  
Owh before I forgot, while i'm waiting at backstage taking some fresh air, suddenly I saw HongKi coming out from their car!No one know they arrived! until I shouted oppaaaa~~and wave at him. then everybody run towards them. But, I'm proud with Primadonna. They all didn't go approach FT at backstage. we just saw from far and let them go in peacefully. kekeke.>_<. hong Ki wave at me! but, idk I didn't saw Jong Hoon. only saw HongKi, Seung Hyun and Jae Jin. kekeke.
It's seung hyunnie >_
About 7pm, there were a veryyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyy longggggg ques dy.Thanks God I'm coming early!.
But suddenly!!! you know what make me annoyed?. There were two girls just come and suddenly cut my ques! our ques !Seriously we were totally angry with them!. Plus, they were acting innocent saying something (to convince us) lthat they were come early. Pabo chorom!.fu**ing stupid acting! 
Fyi,I recognize all the girls since I came the earliest.*sigh* we saw you just came minutes ago.
The two of them over heard bout our conversation because we were totally mad with them. 
then, the two of them chat with each other saying "be professional. no need to said at the back. we also buy ticket..bla..blaa.blaaa" something like that?
what? "be professional??" crazy haa you? you never attend concert haa you? you didn't learn manner haa you? be professional? 
you should say that "be professional" thing with ur self. 
Then, she talk to me because she was standing in front of me "why, why you guys mad at us? no need to talk at the back. we two can hear you".*something like that*
me : owh, so, if you already heard what we said, why you still standing here, cutting our que. we all waiting here since 8am, then you suddenly came. no manner. you told us to be professional? you the one should do that.people come early, tired of waiting since morning. and you acting innocent cutting our que?
then she suddenly said : "you are sabahan right? i ask you, you are sabahan right?
me: "so what's the matter if I'm sabahan"
She: "so, why you were acting like this?blaaaaaa/..blaaaaaa.blaaaaaa".
*that time, i'm seriously wanna slap her face!"
Me : "You come late, now you acting like you came early. no need to act like that. saying something to let us hear you. we all come early, we recognize who come early, who come late. you should que at the back. others also que even they come late, even the lines is too long already. they still que, coz they respect others."
She: "If you wanna go in first...ok *with her annoying voice* go in! I let you go first. If you really mad because of that, go in first. I'm being professional. letting you go in first."
I'm boiling! seriously, all i wanna do is slapping her annoying face.
All the chinese girls also said, they will not let the two girls go first.
Then, she continue acting like she come early.calling calling to unnies from behind. and the funny thing! 
she was acting like she didn't do anything wrong. i heard she ask the unnie from behind " unnie, should i tear this part of my ticket now?". hello? that ticket should be tear by staff before you enter concert. pabo. 
Look like you never go to concert before. Don't know how to que right? poor you. 
If like that, we all no need to que la, everybody should just come late, come before concert start, and just cutting others que. straight to the the first lane!. T.T.like that?

we should respect other right? . you come early, you deserve to be in the first que. you come late, que behind others. being innocent like that make people annoyed. What if you were in others place. You que early in the morning, tired, hot, dizzy. then, I suddenly came before the concert and cut your que and went in first? you feel so happy? you love that? reflect your self. you know that kind of feeling. we all buy ticket, yes!. we all wanna stand in front, yes! we all wanna see oppas, yes! same with others.but to be standing in front you should que first. not just in concert, but any kind of event. even if you went to restaurant. you should que right?

then before the staff check our tickets, we all bring out our ticket. She saw my ticket price is RM471. then she speak out loud to her friends. "we buy the ticket at lower price. I feel pity to the people who buy the ticket in expensive price...then laughing out lout".
Hello~~~ i'm buying the ticket at day 2 of public sell. with original price. I don't mind if I didn't get any discount. Because it is worth it for such amazing concert. I'm buying the ticket to see how amazing FT Island performing. They deserve it. They deserve that kind of price.Perhaps, more than that. because they were so amazing!
You wanna show off you buy with discount price and laughing at me? Fyi, I won two rock zone tickets, and i'm giving it to my friends. hahaa. I also got fan meeting pass, shake hands with oppas, chatting with them and had an amazing day with them. So, who's lucky now. you make me LOL. 
Real Primadonna didn't behave like you. Real Pri treat other pri well. respect with each other. >_

Enough with that girls, I manage to stand at the first lane of Rock zone. Thanks God, worth it 8 hours of waiting. I chat with the chinese girl beside me. She also said she was mad because of those people cutting que and pushing even when they come late. >_<.
So, 8 hours of waiting worth it. because I manage to stand at strategic place! standing in front of Jong Hoon, can see Hong Ki clearly and near to Min Hwan. Even seung Hyun and Jae Jin too far. still it's a strategic standing zone! kyaaaaaa. 

Let's continue at part 2. Not gonna types essei-like in my part 2 entry. I just wanna show you how amazing that concert and how amazing pictures that I took at the concert! My camera full of Jong Hooooooonnnn. My ultimate bias. sexy leader Choi Jong Hoon. kyaaaaa~~~>_<.
I'm using dslr because I really wanna take good pictures of them. Thanks to the chinese girls beside me. she always give me sign if the staff coming to our place. Taking pictures are not allowed, as usual. kekeke. >_>. but, everybody never care. who cares? snap~~snap~~snap~~snap~~kekekke.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Salam Manis,

  So, It just happen I got fan meeting pass. I can't believe I can go to the fan meeting. I'm crying when they call me to give me the fan meeting pass. Like seriously? Fan meeting pass which is limited and a realllyyyy really special pass! Omonaa~~let's scream~~kyaaaa~~ . Beside, I got the pass a day before the fan meeting (at late night). I didn't prepare anything for the fan meeting. T.T.
As long I can meet them, no need to worried about that placard thing and etc. right? kekeke. 

After afternoon classes, I rush to Double Tree Hilton. Yea, I have to skip evening's class. I really have to! Sorry madam. But, it's once in my lifetime. please understand me. 
Once again, I lost! I ride the wrong LRT and go far away to Ampang. I thought Ampang park was in Ampang line. T.T wanna cry already. Beside I carried backpack, handbag and dslr. Too tired. Silly me. .I reached Double Tree Hilton about 3.30pm. Then meet my friends from Sabah, Hera and unnie Aida ♥.

We spazzing around with all Primadonna, chatting about our FT boys. kyaaa. I love our Primadonna's friendship. We just know from facebook. But, we were so close to each other because of the boys. Unnies (sister)really take care of their dongsaeng(younger). Because of unnies, dongsaeng feel safe around.
 And that day, we also met Primadude. They came to meet FT, but they didn't have fan meeting pass. If only I can give them pass. It's really tough to met Primadude!. proud of them. seeing FT as talented band. *touched*

We planned to wait them at hotel's lobby but unfortunately, they went to the venue using back door. T.T. So, we rushed to go up and directly went to que. Thanks God, we didn't miss the fan meeting. hahaha. 
Square roots give all of us a really bis Play FT Island poster for autograph session. 

I'm ready with my album "Memory in FT Island". But!!!! staff didn't allow the boys to sign other than the poster they provided. I try to, but the bodyguard quickly put his hand on my album. My friends, Hera only manage to get "♥" sign from HongKi and that big bodyguard mad at her. T.T. FT Island keep saying sorry because the guard didn't allow. T.T

 So here goes my beutiful memory story during the fan signing. 
*before my turn*.
 My heart beats so fast,feel like it will explode! omoooo~~I'm shaking and I can't think anything. I'm speachless~~~The first person is Jong Hoon! It's Choi Jong Hoon! My ultimate bias in K-pop world. My first bias and my first Oppa since 2008!. What should I do? Ottokae? What should I say? 
Jong Hoon : annyong~~
Me : (just smile like a fool and speachlessssssss)
Jong Hoon : (Take my poster and sign on it)
Me: *back to normal person, waking up from day dreaming* "Oppaaaa!!! Sexy leader!!sexy leader!" *jumping~~jumping like crazehhh*
Jong Hoon : *looking at me and laughing* Ooo...oooo sexy leador~~(pronoun leader with his engrish style) kekeke. 
Me *jumping*jumping*. Oppaaaa, can we shake hands,,hands,,
Jong Hoon : Lend his hand like a prince~~~
Me: hold his hand! kyaaaa!!*shake*shake* (he hold my hand like i'm a princess you know! kyaaaa. romatic Choi Jong Hoon!) kyaaaaa.
Before I moved to Hong Ki
Me: "Oppaaa! Saranghae" * showing "love"♥ hand sign to him"
Jong Hoon: *laughing again* "Nado saranghaeeeee~~~~" * he reply me back and showing "love" hand sign tooo.
Me: kyaaaaaa...opppaaaa annyong~~~>_< *blushing and spechless again*
 Jong Hoon : "annyong~~~" waving at me..>_<.

Then, it's Hong Ki turn.
*credit goes to k-pop huntress*
 He also said annyong~~I'm getting high again and now being so happy like a 4 year old kids. kekeke. I dind't ask to shake hand and just wait him finish signing. But, after signing, he shake my hands. then I'm going crazeh again. "oppaaaaaa, your nail art! so cute! that skull thing"!. Then he show his hand to me
*bling bling bling~~~~* That nail art thing so gorgeous.! 

Min Hwan next!
*credit goes to k-pop huntress*
 Kyaaaaa. this little boy so cute! like a 7 year old boy. Baby Minari!
I didn't say oppa coz he is younger than me. puhahaha.
I just said "Minarii~~~minari~~~baby Min Hwan so cute!" . He so shy. >_<
You know what, he put "love♥" sign beside his face on poster. I just wanna pinch his cheek. He is too adorable!! Yea, shake hand with him alsoooooo.

Jae Jin next!
Jae Jin was playing around with us. Look at that scary bodyguard. he look at me when i take pictures! grrr~~
 Omooooooooo!!! kyaaaa! Jae Jin with his school boy fashion style. His new black hair make him look so young! and he really hyperactive. smiling and as always Jae Jin really friendly!
I said to him " Oppa, your hair! your new black hair! Cute! I love it!". And he reply back while holding my hand. "my hair? thank youuu~~".
me: opaaaa so cute!!!

Seung Hyun the last person.
Me: "OMO~~Bob "(didn't call him oppa coz he also younger than me.kekeke)
Seung hyun: "laughing hard when I call him BOB". 
Me: *I really don't know what to say anymore. I just keep saying Bob~~bob~~bob~~bob~~bob~* and show "OK" hand sign. I also don't know what the propose of showing "OK" sign to seung hyunnie. kekeke.
Then the bodyguard ask me to go down already.
Then I keep saying " Bob annyong~~bobbbb". 
I really don't know what to say. I'm speachless already. feel dizzy and It was like a dream! 

Then, I just sitting there while waiting for others to finish the Que.  I dind't go in front to take up close picture. I don't know! I'm blank! =_='. I'm just looking at Jong Hoon from my sitting place. >_<. I don't even wanna blinking! I just wanna enjoy that moment. watching Jong Hoon! kekeke. 
even the fan meeting just a short fan meeting. but! it's too precious. 
 Then,suddenly the mc said that the fan meeting is ended. and only that time I'm back to normal and took out my camera. But, couldn't take clear pictures because so many peoples surround them. staff and bodyguard. 
The organizer, Square Roots really did a job! They attract fans to stay in the ballroom with lucky draw of FT Island's album. So, no one would catch FT in the hotel. 

That's all! It's happened within 30-45 minutes.
with MY Ft Island primadonna fan club >_<
with Japanese Primadonna. They were in the same flight with FT Island. and they all so kind. We had conversation with them. They said, they will be in PLAY FTI in Singaparo on 15th >_< kyaaaaa. hardcore Primadonna.  kawaii neeee
 But, I feel like it was my dream only. I still can't believe I met them, FT ISLAND who I adore the most during this 4 years ,and I still can't belive i had a short conversation with Jong Hoon, shake hands and kyaaa! I can't express my feeling. It's too hard to explain. 
I sleep with my hands on my face that night! kekekeke. 
 Thanks God for giving me such a beutiful memory. Thanks Square Roots for planning such an amazing Fan Meeting!. You know, It's really hard to shake hands with FT Island during fan meeting. Usually they only give 'high 5" or the best one is "high 10" kekeke. But, lucky we, Malaysia Primadonna can shake hands with the boys. We all so lucky. It will be our best memories in our life as a Primadonna. 
Thanks FT island for treat us friendly even you all tired with unstoppable and busy schedule.
Thanks for being my Five Treasure Island.
Thanks for such a beautiful memory.
FT Island manse!!manse! manse! 
Official Primadonna riding hood cape >_< is it cute? kyaaaaa.
going to update bout the concert later~~~I saw a lot of pictures of FT. daebak! you guys so fast! 
my internet connection kinda slowwwww like a snail 

Boucing Sky Blue Bow Tie Ribbon