Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Salam manis,안녕하세요

 So here we goes. As I promises. no essay-like entry. just enjoy the awesome pictures Pris! Btw, the 3 hours concert was so amzinggggggg. Awesome stage, awesome sound system, awesome song arrangement, awesome organization...everything was awesomeeee.Totally daebak! HongKi powerfull voice! Jong Hoon powerful sexy guitar skill, Jae Jin with his awesome bass, Seung Hyun with his amazing rap and Min Hwan awesomeness beat the drum! Amazing weyh~~ 
Even Baki zainal now become a Primadude (FT Island fans called Primadonna, but when it comes to guy we called them Primadude♥). kekeke Abg Baki now you know how awesome FT Island right? 
Totally worth it! Being in the rock zone totally rock! >_<. 
I'm proud with my Five Treasure.They don't need to capture peoples with their look or even with their dances!It's enough with their amazing talent playing instrument and singing skill. 
I'm proud to be a Primadonna!
aaaaa. sorry!miannn.. I can't stand to write essayyyy. kekeke.
Btw, I'm satisfied with my pictures!
Hong Ki always see right into my camera! Jong Hoon awesomely being sexy with his guitar skill in front of me..omoooooooonaaaaaa. too hot! Nae Oppa jjang-hada!!>_<
Btw, just gonna uploads half of my pictures in this blog, or unless, this blog would be loading with toooooo much awesome pictures!..kekeke.

Minutes before the concert start, 8tv night live and TV3 ask us too scream "FT Island" in front of the camera. And tv3 ask us too sing~~~puhahaha. >_<
It's Abg Baki Zainal! the awesome baki~~weyh~~kekeke
he come with yellow outfit..kekeke. see..he's a primadude ok? keke.
Opening song is "Barae"-I hope >_< And my favorite part would be during the aqustic songs. "Sunshine girl" and "I confess". This is the first time they singing sunshine girl live in aqustic version. once again.lucky Malaysian Primadonna! weee~~. and, i'm crying during I confess. Fyi, I laugh when I play back my own fancam, i can hear my crying sound. puhahaha. And encore part would always be in my mind. Hearing old songs, After Love and Until Your Return remembering me all these past 4 years. It's almost 5 years since their debut. They improved so much. >_<.
Aaaaa, ok..I'm uploading my favorited pictures in this entry. Other pictures you can browse in my personal Facebook. ok? *wink*
Let's check it out~~shall we? kekeke

HongJae >_<
Hong Ki lookin' at my camera? kyaaaa
aigooo. cutie jin >+<
again? looking at my cam? >_<
andddd again,,looking at my cameraaaaa??kyaaaaa.hongki-aaaaaa>_< kekeke
 Before the leave the stage, Square Roots staff bring out something for the boys! It's Pulut Kuning. Look like they really curious about the 'Pulut Kuning". Unnie Ira make it>_<. MY FTIsland fan club jjang! >_<
the curious baby Minari. Seung hyun laughing at him. puhaha.
I'm gals! at least have picture of this cutie little boys. It's really hard to capture his cutie face because he always be in the back playing his drum. kekeke. He look like little Rain right? minari~~~
Kekekkee. Jong Hoon oppa was waving and playing with the fans at the end. when he look back. All of the member left him alone. puhaahha>_<. kyaaaaa.cute!.

kkun~~~You can brose in my facebook's album for moreeee pictures!
(please do not crop, remove credit. Please give me credit if you re-upload. and please, even you edit for tumblr thing~~do not remove cedits!thank youuu~~~)
After concert, they fly to Singapore for perform there. I wonder how can these boys gain their energy.
12th January-Attend Golden Disk Award in Osaka
 (perform live and Hong Ki is the MC)
13th January-Fan Meeting in Malaysia
14th January-Play FT Island concert in Malaysia
15th January-Play Ft island live in Singapore
16th January-Fan Meeting in Singapore
17th January-start their busy schedule in korea
They never show how tired they are. They give their best performance for Primadonna and their audience.
Even they sick, tired, but they still being friendly with us, chatting, give autograph and playing during fan meeting. never ending schedule continue.
They preparing for their comeback in February.
Dear oppas, please take care of your health and produce good music.
No matter what, Primadonna will always be with you all
FT Island Manse! Manse!
Wishing this 2012 bring amazing years to you and all Primadonna chinggu.
 FT ISLAND! Thanks for make my 2012 daebak!
thanks for this beautiful memories. Let's fighting together! >_<


syAzAnA said...

wahhh, sangat jelessss. untungnyaaa!

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

rezeki kowt. hehehehe. lgipun once in alife time. >_< FT jjang! >_<

Tiq Hashim said...

Hello Kelly Polaris! I've been 'silently' returning to your blog since knowing you're a Primadonna! I only fell in love with FT Island bout a few months ago, when I knew that they weren't simply 'dancers' like other idol groups hehe :P . So I'm one of the new prims but I love them lots! Especially Jong Hoon >.< !! I just wanna ask your permission if I could take some pictures of them from your blog pretty please, becoz I couldn't make it to the concert few days ago and I was SOOOOO SAD T_T wuwuwuwu. sorry for the long comment tho, FTI forever <3

Manja (let it be my sweet name) said...

semcurunyer huhu nk ikut juga


♥KellY Eun♥ said...

sure dear~~kkyaaaa~~welcome to Primadonna's fanclub.I'm glad you love FT because of their talent. *clap*clap** kekeke.my pleasure~~you can take it as long as you didn't crop pictures or not remove credit>_<. don't be sad. hope you can go next time if they coma again~~~fighting! >_<

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

@manja~~~hehehee. no need to be jealous dear. eyh,,jeles sikit2 la. kekeke. kalau ada rezeki, you also can attend that kind of evebt, hehe, <3

cik ZAY said...

wa...u so lucky girl can go to the concert...

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

thank you~~~~~>_<v

moadeep said...

They don't need to dance to get our attention...but the looks don't hurt ;). Just sayin' lol

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

kekekeke, omo~~their looks.people love them becouse of their look also~~~including me! keke.
talent+looks=indeed. <3

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum. I've been following this blog since I am finding article for my assignment which I decided to do research on FT ISLAND PLAY CONCERT and coincidently found this blog. Your entry is nice to read & your pictures are daebak plus ur so lucky :) I am also a Primadonna from Malaysia. Nice to meet you :)

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