Ne, I'm a hardcore FT Island fans. and I'm Proud to be a Primadonna. 
It's been about 4 years . But, never realise how time passed by really quick. 
I'm growing old! I started to know them when I'm in my high school. at 17years old. now I'm~~~old already! kekeke.Oppas olso now a men! not a group of young boys who really enthusiastic with their instrument, years ago >_<.
Frankly speaking, I'm a sentimental person. puahahaha. I mostly listening to piano song instrument and soul music. But, when it comes to my my favorite singer, I'm totally into live band. Before FT Island, I do love Simple Plan and Yellow Card! Aigoo, I still remember I buy their cassette and listen by using cassette player. omo, world really changed so much!.  kekeke. Now, even a 7 year old child already have an ipod. >_<. kyaaaaa.
So, even 4 years, 5 years or even until I grow old. I will always be their Primadonna. I wanna experiencing the same feeling I always feel, that mother-like-feeling when I met Primadonna in middle age  bringing their kids to FT Island concert and even when we met for fanclub event. I wanna do the same later. Yeah, those ahjummani know what's real music and talent are. <3.Idk, I'm not someone who easily fall in love with rookies group. Talent is a must for me to be their handcore fans.FT Island will be my ultimate bias idol forever. They will be forever on top in my bias list! >_<. FT OTP.

Btw, I'm also a hardcore Queen's. Primadonna+ Queen's=My princess's life. haha.kidding!..Love Miss A's Suzy so much!. Idk, i just love her in every way..omo, I sound lesbo. puhaha..and yeah! , I'm a B2uty, ELF, Inspirit and the latest i just became Zea's! :p
Primadonna let's make a bigger yellow ocean and let's us be one.
We are not perfect. we are pure and young. we follow FT island's music. We are Primadonna <3

Here are some of my posts related to FT Island <3
Enjoy reading. *fangirling mode*
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