Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Salam Manis,

 Play FT Island concert start at 8.30pm. But, we went to the stadium early in the morning to que in front.
The funny moment when we reach the stadium, we saw everybody was running fast!. Automatically we also running !!! can you imagine, we running to que like an amazing race even it's still 8am in the morning.
But, luckly at rock zone R entrance, there was only 2 malay girls and 3 koreans. then a group of chinese girls from FT Island Malaysia Chinese FC. so, I'm at the third lane >_< *happy* So, we went to breakfast first after put our belongings to save place. 
After breakfast we went to snap pictures at Digi Youth booth.
 About 9am, unnies from our MY FTI fan club come. We open our booth together. Our booth beside Digi booth ^-^v.Did you guys see us last days? kyaaaaa>_
setting up our booth. put all our hand made placard. kekeke.
It's Unnie Sarah and unnie narina at the back. keke. she look so happy. keke >__<. kyeopta~~
Unnie Ira, Unnie Wawa and Unnie fyn. kyaaaaa,
  That day we sell MY FTI t-shirt and serve body painting service at our booth. =). And we also distribute Primadonna balloon for Primadonna at sitting zone. 

It's Isabelle there with his "skull"hong tee and stars painting on her pretty face!, kekeke. Do you know who paint Isabelle's face? She's the unnie that win I ♥ FT Island photo contest, the one who paint her hand>_
Hera also paint her face with stars~~yeah~~Hong Ki biased >_<
hahaha. I'm laughing out loud seeing the digi staff running to catch the giant digi balloon. >+\o< so funny! kekeke
Fyi, I won free rock zone tickets! two tickets!thank you The Star! Thank You square Roots!I'm giving it to my bestie Sarah and Steffy. Sarah love Seung Hyunnie so much and luckily Square Roots giving rock zone L tickets . kyaaaa~~
Before ques, we went to the booth outside the stadium. A lot of FT stuff were sell there. Idk what to buy, plus I already bankrupt spending money for official merchandise from FnC. So,I 'm just buying a fan! kekeke.  
Owh before I forgot, while i'm waiting at backstage taking some fresh air, suddenly I saw HongKi coming out from their car!No one know they arrived! until I shouted oppaaaa~~and wave at him. then everybody run towards them. But, I'm proud with Primadonna. They all didn't go approach FT at backstage. we just saw from far and let them go in peacefully. kekeke.>_<. hong Ki wave at me! but, idk I didn't saw Jong Hoon. only saw HongKi, Seung Hyun and Jae Jin. kekeke.
It's seung hyunnie >_
About 7pm, there were a veryyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyy longggggg ques dy.Thanks God I'm coming early!.
But suddenly!!! you know what make me annoyed?. There were two girls just come and suddenly cut my ques! our ques !Seriously we were totally angry with them!. Plus, they were acting innocent saying something (to convince us) lthat they were come early. Pabo chorom!.fu**ing stupid acting! 
Fyi,I recognize all the girls since I came the earliest.*sigh* we saw you just came minutes ago.
The two of them over heard bout our conversation because we were totally mad with them. 
then, the two of them chat with each other saying "be professional. no need to said at the back. we also buy ticket..bla..blaa.blaaa" something like that?
what? "be professional??" crazy haa you? you never attend concert haa you? you didn't learn manner haa you? be professional? 
you should say that "be professional" thing with ur self. 
Then, she talk to me because she was standing in front of me "why, why you guys mad at us? no need to talk at the back. we two can hear you".*something like that*
me : owh, so, if you already heard what we said, why you still standing here, cutting our que. we all waiting here since 8am, then you suddenly came. no manner. you told us to be professional? you the one should do that.people come early, tired of waiting since morning. and you acting innocent cutting our que?
then she suddenly said : "you are sabahan right? i ask you, you are sabahan right?
me: "so what's the matter if I'm sabahan"
She: "so, why you were acting like this?blaaaaaa/..blaaaaaa.blaaaaaa".
*that time, i'm seriously wanna slap her face!"
Me : "You come late, now you acting like you came early. no need to act like that. saying something to let us hear you. we all come early, we recognize who come early, who come late. you should que at the back. others also que even they come late, even the lines is too long already. they still que, coz they respect others."
She: "If you wanna go in first...ok *with her annoying voice* go in! I let you go first. If you really mad because of that, go in first. I'm being professional. letting you go in first."
I'm boiling! seriously, all i wanna do is slapping her annoying face.
All the chinese girls also said, they will not let the two girls go first.
Then, she continue acting like she come early.calling calling to unnies from behind. and the funny thing! 
she was acting like she didn't do anything wrong. i heard she ask the unnie from behind " unnie, should i tear this part of my ticket now?". hello? that ticket should be tear by staff before you enter concert. pabo. 
Look like you never go to concert before. Don't know how to que right? poor you. 
If like that, we all no need to que la, everybody should just come late, come before concert start, and just cutting others que. straight to the the first lane!. T.T.like that?

we should respect other right? . you come early, you deserve to be in the first que. you come late, que behind others. being innocent like that make people annoyed. What if you were in others place. You que early in the morning, tired, hot, dizzy. then, I suddenly came before the concert and cut your que and went in first? you feel so happy? you love that? reflect your self. you know that kind of feeling. we all buy ticket, yes!. we all wanna stand in front, yes! we all wanna see oppas, yes! same with others.but to be standing in front you should que first. not just in concert, but any kind of event. even if you went to restaurant. you should que right?

then before the staff check our tickets, we all bring out our ticket. She saw my ticket price is RM471. then she speak out loud to her friends. "we buy the ticket at lower price. I feel pity to the people who buy the ticket in expensive price...then laughing out lout".
Hello~~~ i'm buying the ticket at day 2 of public sell. with original price. I don't mind if I didn't get any discount. Because it is worth it for such amazing concert. I'm buying the ticket to see how amazing FT Island performing. They deserve it. They deserve that kind of price.Perhaps, more than that. because they were so amazing!
You wanna show off you buy with discount price and laughing at me? Fyi, I won two rock zone tickets, and i'm giving it to my friends. hahaa. I also got fan meeting pass, shake hands with oppas, chatting with them and had an amazing day with them. So, who's lucky now. you make me LOL. 
Real Primadonna didn't behave like you. Real Pri treat other pri well. respect with each other. >_

Enough with that girls, I manage to stand at the first lane of Rock zone. Thanks God, worth it 8 hours of waiting. I chat with the chinese girl beside me. She also said she was mad because of those people cutting que and pushing even when they come late. >_<.
So, 8 hours of waiting worth it. because I manage to stand at strategic place! standing in front of Jong Hoon, can see Hong Ki clearly and near to Min Hwan. Even seung Hyun and Jae Jin too far. still it's a strategic standing zone! kyaaaaaa. 

Let's continue at part 2. Not gonna types essei-like in my part 2 entry. I just wanna show you how amazing that concert and how amazing pictures that I took at the concert! My camera full of Jong Hooooooonnnn. My ultimate bias. sexy leader Choi Jong Hoon. kyaaaaa~~~>_<.
I'm using dslr because I really wanna take good pictures of them. Thanks to the chinese girls beside me. she always give me sign if the staff coming to our place. Taking pictures are not allowed, as usual. kekeke. >_>. but, everybody never care. who cares? snap~~snap~~snap~~snap~~kekekke.


ayutie said...

Deabak la, i yg duduk view paling jauh pun happy gila ape lg u first line @ rock zone..

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

hehehehe>_< happy x terkata dah neyh~~~like i'm in a dreamland. >_<

syaz_haegi said...

wah!!unnie~jeles unnie boleh tengok Joong Hoon oppa..sapa budak dua orang tu..nak tolong sekehh kepala depa..

Fatin Syafiqah said...

do you know where i can get ft island stuff.. really want it badly.. can i get ur contact number or something??

Fatin Syafiqah said...

do u know where i can get ft island stuff? really want it badly.. can i contact u through something?

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