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First of all, 
I'm really appreciate will all the positive feedback about the FT Island 4th mini album orders.*bow*
(half of you guys already paid and bank in money to my acc. tq. I already replied your email  :) After all Pris already paid, I will post our orders ASAP to Synnara. Please wait together ne?. ^-^. Payment deadline on 4th february . ok? ^^, )
But, as usual not everyone happy and support what you did. I received negative feedback too. And what hurt me the most, saying that I'm taking opportunity and just make a stupid news =_='. 
Saying that as long as you buy their album, it's all the same. It will count on any chart~~bla~~bla~bla~~
So, let me explain about Hanteo, Gaon and K-Chart. 
Even though I'm not expert about these thing, as I'm not a KPRI (Korean Primadonna), but being an ELF give me a lot of experience. As an ELF who want Super Junior leads the chart, I want to see my ultimate biased band, FT Island leads K-Chart (music bank, Inkigayo, Mnet etc) and especially to increase their album selling (100% reflect to Golden Disk Award (digital album sales) and other awards ceremonies ).

Ok, back to my main point. I did mention I will buy the album from SYNNARA records. why SYNNARA? I'll explain after this. I'll tell about Hanteo Charts first ok? >_
For Year End caremonies especially GDA. (why always mention GDA?, Golden Disk Award have the same level as GRAMMY AWARD in Hollywwod. so It's really important) awards were given based on album selling + judges. Every years, Hanteo will released Charts of most selling album in Korea . (based on daily sales, weekly sales, monthly sales and yearly sales) . See? Hanteo really give a really big impact for awards ceremonies. chincha!
Here, a print screen from year end sells charts for last year (2011)
We can only see no. of album's selling for the 2nd place because yeah, i'm not a Korean. Only registered member (required korean nationality) can see the whole charts =)
 You can read article about the best album selling for 2010 : CLICK HERE
Best album selling for 2011(until May 2011) : CLICK HERE
For your best review throughout the years (2007*FT Island debuted -2011). 
done reading? *ok let's continue*
How many years FT Island dominated album sales chart? We can see CN BLUE nominated  more of the album selling charts than FT Island right? Please, I'm not bashing CN Blue. Don't make a fan war because of this. They are both from Fish and Cake. They are families and we know how much they close to each other right? Most of Primadonna also a BOICE. so don't make any bad assumption. What I wanna said, why not we make our boys dominated the chart also? right? together with CN Blue?
Not just for GDA, it also important for others awards ceremonies for instance MAMA, Seoul Music Award & etc. 
So, now you get how important Hanteo Charts for Year End & Awards Ceremonies right?  
Btw, Congratulations to FT island for winning Rock Band Award and Cosmopolitan Award at  GDA months ago. ( 1 day before they come to Malaysia ^_^v)

Next. I'll explain about shops that reflect to Hanteo Charts. As I said before, buying album from any K-pop shop that not reflect to Hanteo doesn't help the boys. Really!It doesn't even count on album selling. Even you said it was original, but it comes from unknown sources. Business tactic? T.T. I really don't know how to explain this part. sorry. But, what I understand from K-ELF mostly explain, we should get authentic album to ensure it counts on album selling. Why? because we can help them to stay longer in K-Charts (music bank etc) 
Synnara (Korea), Hot Tracks (Korea), Kiky Music( Korea )and newly Yes Asia (international) and DVD Heaven (International ) are one of Hanteo's families shop.

 I can't guarantee if any shop in Malaysia saying that their album reflect to Hanteo chart is from trusted sources. I'm not saying you can't buy merchandise from others shop. But, now we are focusing on helping FT Island to be be on the top charts. to stay longer in K-charts and of course we aim to make they win year end awards. This Year 3 awards for them ok?(rock band, cosmopolitan and album sales ranking) weee~~! right? *high 5* please haters, don't just come here to make bad assumption. It's your choices. :) *sbg pengguna bijak* You have your right to choose. 

So, I will buy our albums from Synnara. ^-^. 
This is recommendation from ELF (this is during 5jib album last year) and ELF hard work pays when Super Junior win and have the most selling album on 2011. refer to the my print screen on Hanteo Charts. Super Junior 5jib= NO 1 *jumping*jumping* >_

I hope no more negative or bad words after this. Personally, it really hurts. But, because of I'm a Primadonna., so I'll say "dear haters just go and have your own life!" >_<.
And please and please take note. RM45 already includes international shipping. *balance will be return if we have to pay only small taxes* So, with this lowest deal, it might be hard for us to get posters. I hope you guys know this well. Just compared price to others shop ne?
Plus, according to Synnara, If we get free posters. They can't provide each posters with tube. they will compile all the posters together in a tube.
Please and please, I'm not taking any profit from this orders. I'm just helping Pri so please show your manner to me even I'm on 91 liners ne? . *kumawo*. ^6^

big credit goes to : ELF <3
a big thank you to withtreasure and ELF admin for 5jib album~~Thaks for all the tips.
If my information not crystal clear anough for you. Mr Google would help u. =) 


emmamohamad@taijoon said...

Thanks a lot for the info Kelly.. I will follow you.. n already place order for this album.. on you.. Hope by buying with the true channel will help our Treasure.... kyaaajjjjjaaaa...

淑慧 said...

hai a question here. if I buy online from synnara is it reliable to count in chart?

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