Monday, January 23, 2012


Salam manis,안녕하세요 ㅎ_ㅎ
Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Lunar New Year dearies ^-^ v.

Btw, we had 4 days holiday and I'm spending my holiday alone in dorm. ( T_T ) , Can't go back to hometown. Owh I miss Sabah so much. Frankly speaking, I feel like dying. Didn't speak to anyone and feel like I'm the only alien live on earth. puhaha. I didn't go out yet! Nigga my eyes if I go outside. ㅋㅋㅋ.
Ne, Just spend' my days watching back all videos in my external. k-drama~~concert~~variety show~~>_<
It's been a while, watching back old videos in my external. Thanks God, I had a lot or else I'm gonna die because of boredom!! cheongmallyo! 

Yesterday night, I watch' back MNet Scandal. Still remember that variety show? Omo, It's the cruelest variety show for me. Celebrity were given 1 week to date a normal girl/guy and they have to decide weather they want to continue after a week dating, by sending their real on the last day. Aigooo, poor little heart. >_<. Cruel isn't it? (But, not as cruel as WGM i think) But still, I enjoy watchi' either Mnet Scandal and WGM (psst~~I'm the biggest fan of WGM). Puahaha. 

Btw,believe me. I only watch that Mnet Scandal once in 2009. I don't have courage to click that replay button especially for Jong Hoon Mnet Scandal. omo! *forget it* enough watching once years ago. never ever open that folder no matter what. puahhaa. *too jealous* >_<. 
But yesterday night!!!! I open that folder again and watch it back!! omonaaaa~~how come~~T.T. 
(And i have to endure that heart attack feeling again along the way) Pabo gatte.>_< aigooooo.
Ahhhh~~watching back old memories. (that mother-like-feeling) "Omonaaa~~~This boys really grown up!" 
P/s: FT Island new mini album (4th Korean mini album) will be released on 2.2.2012 " GROWN UP"
Track lists:
  1. Grown Man
  2. We hope to become lovers
  3. I'm a foolish person
  4. Severely
  5. Even had lost a friend
Mv teaser will be released on 12KST 26th Jan 2012 ^_^
*waiting for their comeback stage~~~*save money for album~~>_<~~~~*

After watching Hong Ki's Mnet Scandal Episodes, I'm goggle-ing that unnie name "Kim Yeo Hee".
Omo,,lame me! Am I the only one lame Primadonna who just know that unnie already debut as a solo singer???am I the only one? why no one telling me~~*cry~~~* ㅠ_ㅠ (omnaaaa you only stalk Hoon everyday, that's why!)

That sweet pretty unnie debut last year. And she's really a good singer. Reach until 4million viewers for her cover in You Tube. She the Applegirl unnie. She make cover with i-phone and i-pad thing. She's really good.
Ah! now I remember why Hong Ki said this years ago in his last message in Mnet scandal ( when Hong Ki decided not to continue their dates.....)
"if noona continue to write songs we will definitely meet again"

Yeah. I'm the only one didn't know. She debuted last year. I love that unnie so much! she's really sweet and their Mnet Scandal episodes is the best episodes for me after Jo Kwon and Yu Mi noona and also T-ara Qri and Tae Joon oppa. >_<. (Jong Hoon did too much skinship. I will consider it's tooooo bad. puhahaha. *kidding*. Jong Hoon too romanntic with that unnie. I can't stand to watch twice! even 3 years ago! i still remember the episodes clearly. omonaaaaa>_<) 

Hong Ki still being a good friend with Yeo Hee noona. He follow her twitter ^-^. @0applegirl0
Hey, girls. don't bash her okay! I read comments in you tube. dearies, It's in 2009! 2009! why should you bash your own idol. aigoooo~~it's just a variety show. plus, your oppa also a human. Someday, they should get married to someone their love. *peace* ^-^v (yeah, even Hoon will date and get married someday, I always support him no matter what.<3 )

This is one of her best cover that I love so much!yeah, my favourite song "Geek In The Pink" She's good in English right? ^-^v

And I can't stop replaying her official first single song "My Music". 

And my favourite would be "December". Forever replay~~~>_<

Falling in love with her voice. Should stalk her more after this! kekeke. ok bye! 
Don't laugh at me. I'm so lame. I just know bout her yesterday. T.T (ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I know some of you also didn't know right! can we laugh together-gether now?. kekekeke ) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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