Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Salam manis,

I still can't sleep. It's already 5.33am. IDK. I miss home so much. plus, it's already 3 days. I didn't go out! I didn't see sunshine! >_<. *ok tipu, tadi ada keluar ke pasar malam*=malam. what's wrong with me. being like this. argh~I hate this feeling. I call my younger brother today. Argh~ It's make me moree sad. I miss them! argh~~wae? =_='
And for the whole day I'm busy searching for any available FT Island's special album: The Refreshment. Yea, I still didn't have it. I'm still 17teen y.o that time. Didn't know about online shopping *already got meyh?*. plus, it's really rare to find those k-pop stuff in early 2007-2008 especially in Sabah. And i don't know why! I'm so frustrated searching for that album for the whole day. This is the first time I click until 100++ pages of google search. Yeah, I know it's already out of stock. It's a rare item. But, each time I found someone who wanna let go their album. It's already sold out just a month ago~~and I found someone who wanna sell her album with all 5 member autograph for RM3000.00 ! yeah 3K!!!! omonaaaa~~how come. I can buy a new laptop already! T.T
 Last year I found someone who wanna let go, but she's in SG. And she put higher price + shipping cost. *faint*

Please somebody who wanna let go The Refreshment album. I really want it! I searched for a long time already. but, because of this pabo feeling', I want it so badly now. right now. ASAP.  (what's wrong with me =_='. always want something badly suddenly) 
Cheballlll~~~Anyone wanna sell The Refreshment . but, for sure it should be in good qualities. 
Contact me ASAP.
credit goes to Eeling/fb. I took ur pic. Why sold out dy? I want it so badly from you. wuaaa *cry me a river* >_<
Why it should be out of stock~~sold out~~blaa~~bla~blaa~~

I waonder if it would be perfect for my B'day present this year!
Any one wanna give me??
kekekekekek >_<


moadeep said...

If i could I would hun

Nzyrahun said...

memang susah nak cari benda ni,but try to ask danielle_sk (ebay),nazyrah kalau beli barang semua dari dia,nanti dia tanya supplier dia dari korea ,kalau korea murah sikit if cd japan mak aihh cekik darah haha

Anonymous said...

hi.. i want buy the refrehment album :D .. send me a email to vanessa_tlv_tkm@hotmail.com..thankz

Jessie said...

i can buy directly for you from japan but the price might be expensive please tell me if you want it.


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