Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Salam manis,
Here are some slight review for batch 8 orders, from my online shop "My Treasure Paradise" [click here] . I wonder why customs hold my items. The box are not too really depends on them. This is my second times dealing with kastam diraja after open 10 batch. hope this would be the last. *sigh* it makes my wanna cry so much. Have to say sorry to my customer because of the delayed, have to ask for tax fee. Mianhae yoroebun. It's out of my control. :D. Btw, forgot it! 
Enjoy your treasure once it reached your house ok! Thanks for your cooperation. You guys are super duper awesome! 
 Look like every batch have the same orders right? keke. 
We have FT Island, Big Bang, 2AM and Shinee in the house y'all. 
 Big Bang Alive TOP version  still the famous amous. Btw, Big Bang Alive "Big Bang Cover version" already out of stock in Korea. Only Individual cover are available.
 And we have Big Bang Stand Up album :)
 Taeyang Solar regular edition :) wedding dress~~owhh~~owh~~>_<

And great news to all the winner of my blog's lucky draw ecvent ; POLARIS MEMOIRS I"M THE LUCKY STAR[LUCKY DRAW] {click here for review}
This is your choosen prize dears. All the winner choose FT Island album. weeee~~chuaa ~_^ 

 The 1st lucky star :) Memory In FTIsland with 2 Etude House's mask. Make sure you use that mask when listening to this album ya dear!. release your stress and enjoy FTIsland's awesome music! keke. 
 And the second and third winner both choose FT Island Grown UP :) kyaaa. Enjoy yours dearies! 
 For those who didn't win, don't be sad. Wait for next year...Polaris Memoirs 3rd anniversary...keke. 

P/s: Batch 10 now open for order at my online shop! Place your order now until 25th May 2012 :D 


nor aqilah said...

thank u unnie : ) ^^
saranghae ~~~ lalallala ~~
dah sampai album tuu ^^

Carrie Ang said...

BIG BANG!!! Love them! =D

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