Monday, May 21, 2012


Salam manis,

My FT ISLAND 20 [TWENTY] 2nd Japanese album & batch 9 order arrived :) .*jumping*jumping* >_<. Actually it reached my home on Saturday, but I was at my cousin's home . So only got free time today to do my album review. Let's get excited! 
This is my Limited Edition of 20 Twenty Japanese version 2nd full album~~chuu~~~(◠‿◠)
 Front Cover. Classic, Beautiful & Awesome :)

Actually I was quite shocked because there was a photo book inside. Supplier didn't put photo book in the details. So I'm really sorry to my customer because I did told there was no photo book inside. Mianhae!! 
So, both Japan version and Korean version of limited edition got photo book! 
Btw it will be a surprise for those who bought this limited edition! because you will find an awesome photo book inside! wee~~ ~_^

Ok let's proceed. I will say their second full Japanese album is super cool. your RM150 worth it for this awesome treasure!! This is their best Japanese album I will recommend to all Primadonna especially who were new to FT Island. Why? Because you will hear what this awesome 5 boys wanna tell and deliver to you. What their heart wanna speak. What is the real music means and their awesome talent that they usually can't show in Korea.. 
This limited edition album contains 12 songs composed and wrote by all FT Island member. Awesome enough? I really thankful and feel happy when they were in Japan. They freely to make their own music and show their talent to the world. *owh I wanna cry saying this thing ,, remembering how though their 5 years journey* lemme cryyyy!! 

The packaging was like their Korean album which comes in a box . So happy because it doesn't come with the old style fragile CD's case. keke. The case of the CD and DVD is pretty unique..where you have to pull the bottom of the case  to open the DVD side. So classic and I love it!. I think it will be hard to break. :) unless you pull out to hard. keke. 

Track 1: Let It Go [music by: Jong Hoon, Lyric by: Hong Ki & Min Hwan]

Track 2 : Neverland : [music by: Jong Hoon]
Track 3: Stay [music &by lyric by: Jong Hoon]
Track 4: Wanna go [music & lyric by : Seung Hyun and Min Hwan]
Track 5: Someday [music & lyric by: Jae Jin]
Track 6 : Distance : [lyric by Jae Jin & seunghyun]
Track 7: Always[lyric by Seung Hyun]
Track 8: Compass [music my Seung Hyun & Minwan, Lyric by: Seung Hyun]
Track 9: Paper Plane [music & lyric by : Jae Jin]
Track 10 : Endless Story  [music & lyric by : Jae Jin]
Track 11: Life  [music by: Jong Hoon, lyric by : Jae Jin]
Track 12 :  Satisfaction Korean Version *new* [lyric by : Jong Hoon, Hong Ki & Jae Jin]
I will say my favourite is....All tracks are my favourite!! But my most favourite will be Stay, Paper Plane, Compass,Always & Distance will forever my favourite ballad song. You will recognize which songs composed by which member, because each of them have their own unique style of music . :) Personally, I really love Jae Jin oppa style, I feel warmth listening to his music. While nae Soebang music more to cool feeling. Idk how to explain.! keke. Proud of the maknaes! they really did a good job. :) 

Let's explore the photo book! 
Introducing you my ultimate CJH. Nae Soe bang! kekeke. They should put "leader, guitarist & pianist". He usually use piano what, not keyboard. lorh~~

 The cutie and adorable Hong Ki. look like Geun Seuk? they are the lost twin brother. keke. 
 The cool Jae Jin 
 The sweetest maknae, Min Hwan aka baby Minari >_<
 The cheerful Seung Hyun :D
 The FT ! 

For those who still looking for this awesome album, you can simply order from me >_<
And FYI, they will released the Korean Version on 25th May 2012.
The price is cheaper than the Japanese version. The limited edition of Korean version also have photo book. 

Btw, I also have order for 20 [Twenty] regular edition :) 
 Front Cover 
Back cover :) bonus track : Hit The Sand 

And also order for Eun Hyuk and Dong Hae limited edition CD+DVD "OPPA OPPA" 

p/s: I'm currently fall in love with One Direction's songs. They are awesome! my favourite song will be "Taken"
 Idk when will I can buy my dream Nikon when all my money goes to album & merchandise! lemme die >_<
 Dear beloved customers, I will send all yours tomorrow ya! muahhhxx :) 
Love note : Let's Welcome Rejab :) 
We shall fast and take opportunity to gain more reward from the Almighty on this blessing month


priHk96 said...

I want this!!!!!but i live in philippines:( how?!

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

@priHk96 hi :) I can ship to your country. But i only provide EMS premium shipping. so u can track n safely received your items within 2-5 days. but the price is higher because of international shipping :). anyway, u can orderfrom any online shop from your country :) u can save money though. Support our boys!! >_<v

Anonymous said...


I wanna ask for the limited edition album, it come with dvd right.
The dvd inside is about what?
And also the korean version you mentioned, you mean the songs will be in korean or different album design?

Thank you! :D

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

DVD: 1.Stay mv
2. stay mv the making

for korean version album, nothing different. all the songs will be the same exclude track 12. track 12 for japanese version is "satisfaction korean new version" while track 12 in korean version album is "Hit The Sand". all the songs are still in japanese song.

the only different are, korean version released by warner Music Korea, while the japanese version release by Warner Music japan. n all writing on the cover will be in Korean writing. and korean version cheaper that japanese version :)

hope this will help u <3 ^_^v

hafilah said...

how long can I get if i order from you?

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