Monday, May 14, 2012


Salam manis,
Hello Sunshine :) 
So, my exhausted day dealing with Kastam to release my second box worth it!yeah babeh~~soli jilloe >_<
Play FT Island DVD was here! safe with me. kekeke. 
pssttt~~I'm writing this entry while watching my DVD..keke. *sila jealous sekarang* :D..ngeeee~~
OMOnaaa~~It's pretty,awesome and your RM110 are worth it! 
How I wish they make DVD for Play FT Island in Malaysia. If it so, my face will came out. haha. I was in front bha..kekeke. 
As usual, their Korean Version album/DVD concert's packaging super duper jjang. With super HD photo book....kyaaa. lemme cry. >_<..uhuk uhuk~~

And so happy to the max ..because they include my ultimate favourite song. "MARRY ME". 
Owh..CJH soebang !marry me! puhaha. >0<

Let the review begin. camera roll! hana~~deul~~set 

Front Cover 
Inside :) 

 60 pages photo book with super duper HD pictures... :) 
 Lemme introduce you..nae soebang. *wink* ~_^

 Back cover. The most important one..the KOMCA seal. Prims, you must buy the original and counted on Hanteo chart ok! 

And as usual..have Big Bang's Alive album :). The Famous Amos album during Feb-May. The most wanted album...The must have album  for your collection. Believe me, Big Bang Alive will never make you regret. All the songs are awesome. And you will never stop staring at the photo book. Mine is TOP. kekeke. Owh yaa~~ this is my first time received order for Daesung cover <3. 
 Ok people. GTG! 
Will send all your DVD tomorrow. Already finished wrap all the DVD. :) 
 Thanks for shopping with me. 
Do visit my online shop ! must buy from me @ else. i'll bite you. hahaha. 

 I'm going to continue smiling in front of TV this whole evening. kekeke. JONGKI have too much sweet moments. kyaaa.this two peoples haaa... ekeke. Jongki shipper ~~they do it again during First Kiss song. kekeke. 

P/S: ♥ for my dearest customer. please take note..for now..I'll ship your items from Sabah. So it may takes two days to reach you..It depends on Pos Laju.It's out of my control. But I'll sure send yours tomorrow. 15.05.2012. Enjoy yours! 
♥Batch 10 now open. Place your order now until 25th May 2012
♥I changed my blog's template back to template designer. Blogskin is awesome but...grr~~

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