Wednesday, March 28, 2012


salam manis,
As I promise....
Here are the results for Polaris Memoirs ♥ I'm The Lucky Star [Lucky Draw]
For those who didn't win, don't be sad dearies! you did a great job already :) Try your luck next time. Don't  give up for others lucky draw and giveaway okay? fighting! v
And for the lucky stars! you are really lucky!! cheongmal!
Polaris! Who's the lucky star????
 Yes, she will receive this prize! (Either Treasure sets @ 1 album from the Hottest albums)

4th lucky star goes to Number 17 : Win Nee/facebook 

5th & 6th  lucky stars goes to Number 13: Natasha Nurizzati/facebook 
[both 5th & 6th got the same prize ^_^]

The 7th lucky star who win the mysterious gift goes to Number 5: Nora Erina/facebook 

Congratulations to all  the 7 lucky stars!
you will received exactly what I already promises. All you have to is...choose your album! kekeke. 
You will received your prize about 2 weeks after pre-orders. It depends shipping from Korea. I will order your album together with the current batch I open in my shop (28th march-10th april). so you will receive your prize 2 weeks after 10th April. you all can wait right? kekeke.
I will leave message at your cbox in blog & facebook. But If I can't reach you, could you please leave comment under this post & tell me how can I contact you personally?  or you can also leave message at my shop's page My Treasure Paradise [click here]. Don't be shy to contact me. You are the lucky stars. you deserve your daebak prize! kekeke. 

For those who are curious how I choose the winners. Here's my method. keke. 1st I choose 7 number from Blogspot's contestant and also 7 number from Facebook's contestant using random number generator
Then, from the 14 numbers, I personally wrote your name on paper, so I can randomly choose. The first name came out is the 1st lucky star who win the 1st prize. :) And yeah, that's the result. I'm not being bias to anyone. It's random. All yo need is luck. 

Thanks for joining this lucky draw. 
Happy 2nd anniversary to my precious blog[27 March 2010-27 March 2012] . my dear POLARIS MEMOIRS bloggie omma love you! >_<.♥


Shakila Shuhairy said...

congrats for those winners :D

darla carolina said...

oh gosh ._. I'm not lucky enough to grab your lucky draw gift. but still, I wanna thank you for your supa dupa lucky draw thing. and congrats to all winners ^^

AinaHusna said...

Saya dah sent message kat Page My Treasure Paradise. Nama FB saya Aina Husna ^_^

FatinKpopLover said...

congrat to all winner. Hmm as usual, I'm not the lucky person. huhu

nor aqilah said...

nama fb : Nor Aqilah Nur Kasih : ) btw , i will contact u by fb :)
^thank u sgt2 unnie^ . .
ahhh ~ bagus nya nieee . . ^^

ieqah zulina said...

Saya dah sent message dekat awak . Thank you sebab buat Lucky Draw nie .

Ginger said...

almost =.= haishh..i'm no. 13 on blogspot.

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