Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Salam manis,
Here's our treasure.♥ 

Thanks for you guys who ordered album from me. Thanks for your trust ^_^ even though this is my first time experience ordered album in a large amounts.Kamsahamnida! You guys should be proud ne, 100 albums from Malaysia affect Hanteo Charts. weee~~\>_./But, unfortunately,mianhae coz poster are not available
  I ordered our album on 6th february. Album in Korea sold out on 10th February. weeee. Thanks God! 

And, fyi, Malaysian Customs held our albums on 10th February, and I have to go to Customs building at LCCT to redeem our albums yesterday. This is due to total 100 pieces albums. Malaysian Customs only allow import items from oversea with total RM400 (plus shipping).Or otherwise you have to pay taxed. That's why,they held our albums at Pejabat Kastam. Then, I went to Jabatan Perfileman and Audio to get their approve if our albums original. omonaaaa, Of course it's original. kekeke. First time seeing inside Customs building. Thousands of people's package from oversea they hold. =_='.
Now, I know how difficult to buy things outside our country. so many procedure. and so on~~
Btw, Congratulations to FT Island because GROWN UP  album were sold out after 10 days of official released! weee~~

Albums that I have to post to Pri who prefer Pos Laju~~
For those who take albums from me last night. kekeke. Is it cute? >_<.
And for those for prefer post laju, I already send your albums on 14.feb. in the morning. about 9am. So, what are you waiting for! wait for postmen to come tomorrow morning (in KL area) keke. >_<
I bought two pieces of GROWN UP and also  T-ara new albums "LOVELY DOVEY". >_<. I can't stop staring my albums. Pretty albums with jjang photo book. >_<. 
Grown Up so classic. Awesome handsome picture, while T-ara's album so colorfull with super duper HD pictures. kyaaaa~~

Grown Up reviews >_<
Flawless CJH! >_<. Soebang wae u so pretty! kekeke

Grown Up that I will treasure the most since I bought it directly without any third party. >_<. This is treasure! kekeke. 

My picture kinda blur since I took it yesterday. Too tired and my hands shaking too much. ngeee T_T

T-ara LOVELY DOVEY reviews
Tracklist :
  • Lovey Dovey
  • Uri Sarang Haettojanha
  • Lovey Dovey (club remix)
  • Cry Cry
  • Goodbye, OK
  • O my God
  • I'm so bad
  • Cry Cry (Ballad version)

my ultimate bias in T-ara. the pretty aegyo princess! >_<
 There's so much more beautiful pictures in the photo book (43 pages photobook). Nae Unnies so pretty. yeppun yoja! >_<. 
P/s: for the second batch, will inform you when your album arrived ^-^. Please wait patiently ;) Tq.
And for those who prefer meet up. I'm going to be in TS from 2pm-7pm (saturday: 18th) For those who can't go. I'm really sorry. It's the only day I'm free. the next weeks full of college schdeule. Can't go out ady. You have to come and meet me personally. Mianhae.


atie chomot said...

thanks kak!! ni sy yg amik mlm smlm kat hostel..hikhik.. thx again!! happy gilerrr

Anonymous said...

terima kasih dik...akak dah terima td. sonok sangat2.

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

@atie chomot ur welcome dear! nice to meet u too. next time dah tahu jalan, senang nak dtg lg kan. kekeke >_<

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

@MakNgahsama2 akak. happy tuk akak ! weee~~enjoy ur grown up~~>_<

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