Friday, January 20, 2017


When I am so exhausted that I'm about to collapse
When I am so close to giving up everything
You were the only one who got me
You were the only one who held me
Yes, it was you
People tell me that i am nothing
But you tell me that i am the only one
No matter where I am, no matter how lost I am
You look at me with a smile

You are the best thing I have, a gift from the world
I want to dream the same dream with you
Your name that lasts forever
My biggest happiness

I promise I'll keep you safe with all I have
I promise I'll hold you in my arms
Where ever you go, I'll make sure to become your pathway
So that I can reach you

Your smile that shine brighter than the sun
You shine brighter than the wedding dress
These tears are my tears of joy
The scent of these tears walking towards me

You are the best thing I have, A gift from the world

The ring on your ring finger
I promise for eternity

I want to wake up and fall asleep with you
-Bi Rain-

Idol ku 13 tahun lalu, kawin juga akhirnya..Be happy Rain! You deserved to be happy. Aku pun tumpang nangis gembira. haha. The best proposal song ever!. Tahun 2017, aku doakan diriku juga sampai jodoh, haha  ♥ Selamat tahun baru. Aku masih malas update blog sama seperti tahun-tahun sebelumnya. keke. 


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polaris thenorthenstar said...

@anonymous : Who ever you are, Thank you. :)

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