Sunday, March 29, 2015



Alone and I'm spending the whole day reminiscence my youthful days over my psychiatric books. Gah, I end up reading only 6 pages. And yes, I end up coming to blogger for a heart to heart session. hee~~. Fyi, I'm not active like I used to be. I spent less time fan-girling over K-pop. Ne, I'm not updated with all the K-news and so on. I only manage exploring new songs or new album released during my long holiday. How I miss those back days where I spend hours at YouTube, fan-girling with fellow chin'gu, weekend's meet-up, spending hundred bucks over concert's tickets/albums/goodies, my super-crazy-obsession over Hoonie and my ultimate love for FT Island. 

Ikr, time does flies like an arrow, isn't? But deep, I still care. I never gave up on them, it's just I have my own mission towards my dreams though they are one of the things I sadly sacrificed. I feel sorry coz I'm a bad Pri. I cut contacts with all my closed chin'gu, I never bought any official album since Five Treasure Box, I missed all their concerts, I missed all their official MV release. I feel really bad. 

2 years elapsed, though I lost all those precious FTI&PRI  moments, their music will always be part of me through my thin and thick. My stress reliever when i'm struggling during studies, uplifting mood for bad days and for sure their love songs that never failed giving me butterflies :) And forever, they always be my ultimate number 1 favorite. Once a Pri, Forever a Pri. #PrayFTIslandcomeback #7yearsPrimadonna . 

Gosh, just why am I being sentimental over these 'childish' things. Gahh, only a k-popers will understand all these mixed up feeling. Ini sebab dengar lagu-lagu sentimental la ni dari petang. uhuk uhuk,,sedih gila layan lagu sedih sendiri-sendiri lagi. Bikin meleleh air mata gia. 
Take a listen to them. Though they are underrated, believe me, they are magically talented  :) 
These are my favorite among favorites. Peneman suka-duka-lara-sunyi ^^
Kalau boleh mahu kasi list semua >_<

The overflowing feeling when I happened to meet you, That i can't quiet convey to you, listen to my heart. Your shining eyes ever looking towards the future will be the light illuminating the road. In this world there is only you. You are the only one I want, You are my life. 'Irreplaceable' the meaning of that word, for the first time i understand. It was you who thought it to me, I love your smile-You are my life-
I try to comfort myself, telling myself to stop. But I can only forget you in my head. Because my heart still remembers you. I throw a fit but I keep thinking of you. I tell myself that I’m over you but it’s only you. I keep missing you. I only miss you. The longing words that come up to my throat~~I love you-Madly-

We don't have to part every day,We don't have to worry about cab fare.We don't have to watch out for our parents even when we drink late at night. Let's meet and talk about our love story that heated up the phone every night. Let's stop dating. I don't have to say good bye.I do n't have to worry about you sleeping. I don't have to eat latenight meal all by myself. I'll do all the hard things for you-Marry me-

If i could reverse time, I'll go back to those days I met you. It's a courage to be able to give happiness rather than depriving it-Theory of happiness-

No matter how much you try to find someone like me, There won't be anyone else-I wish-

I'm thankful you are my girl and I'm your man-Baby Love-

My feelings is like an endless sky, like carrying you somewhere else. As soon as I get down, I'm still looking for the light, those places where I can find only one person. Because I really want to say "Thank You"-Thank You-

You think you know but you don't. That is love. Even if you're hurt but you miss it. That is love. After they're gone, you realise it's love -You are Love-

Until you return, i'll wait. Until you return, I'll cry for just a bit. If it rains, wheather they're tears or raindrops, no one will know. Let's be forever like you promised                -Until you return-

Over the crowd, I see your back. I was reaching my hand unconsciously. Even it's too late, gotta tell you I'm sorry. Otherwise I can't move on . My heart hurt as I run. Because it was as I left you behind -Distance-

How was my fav songs? :) 
Gahhh~~ I just wanna say how much I miss Hoonie so much. LOL. Sorry sayang. Hari ni saja rindu membara ni. But, Jong Hoon will be your forever rival! kyahaha :D Mehrong! :p 
I miss you FTI boys.
I miss you CJH
I miss you all Primadonna! <3>


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