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Salam manis,

Do you remember his name? Dan Worrawech? Sounds familiar right? :) kyaaaaaa. I admit, being a real hardcore kpopers/k-drama lover since 5 years ago make me ignored taiwan pop/ lakorn/ sinetron or whatsoever!.

Since I spent more time at home, exploring you tube is a must in everyday life. kekeke. Last month, I watched Wai Rai Freshie again. The last time I watched when I was in middle school. form 1 maybe. TV2 broadcast the lakorn right? I don't really remember. But all the scenes clearly state in my mind. I still remember each one of the episodes. kekeke. Owh how I miss lakorn so much. I used to watch lakorn with my late mum. Our favourites probably Soda and Iced Tea, The Princes..gahhh. As long as Jesdaporn is the hero, my mum and I won't missed any of the episodes.keke. How i miss back days and my mum. 

And only last month (yea, only after I watch Wai Rai freshie and suddenly click random link in you tube) I knew about what happen to Big (in Wai Rai Freshie drama, he used his stage name). May God bless him. Rest in peace Big. He died after being in coma for four years. As what I read, he wake up after four years, one day before his birthday then he died 7 days after. You can google more. 

I remember how I love Big's character. It's a fact that I never like Rye with Aon. keke. I ship AonBig in the first place. Watching this lakorn again, Big still be my favourite and of course I love Dan! I ship NathalieDan too. kekeke. Back then,one of my bestfriend love Dan so much. so I just let her, but now!! can I say I love Dan more and more dear friend? kekeke. Mianhae! 

I tried google-ing all the actor's new life. But only found old news, like 3-4 years ago? sigh. I guess all their news were in thai language. It's really hard to find international fanclub. Spending the whole days google-ing was worth it!..
If you google about wai rai freshie cast 2012 or whatsoever, you might find old news, old picures. 
So here I am..puahaha. Actually, I only find the latest news for the 3 of them. 
Dan, Aon and Nathalie. The rest of them, gone! Idk what happen to them. can't find any news, even news 1-2 years ago. where did they gone? hope they doing well. :) But today, I will focus on Dan more! couse you know, I love him slightly the way I love Hoon already! oh mianhae soebang..puahaha. 

So, what happen to Danuwang Warrawech aka Dan in 2012?
please get ready for nose bleeding picture of him in 2012 ..kyaaa!!!!
kyaaaa!!! I am really proud of him. Compared to all Wai Rai Freshie's casts, I will say he succeed in his carrier. After Big died, he left his company ( He and Big, together with Beam are members of D2B. They really famous back then as Thai pop group). He signed with Sony Music (after being hiatus for about one year) and build his new carrier. He continue singing as a solo singer, he used WD as his stage name. :) Moving on with more drama and movie. 
About one month exploring him, hahaha. All I can say is, he is now rising to be like Jay Chou. I didn't say he try to be Jay Chou, but this is only my point of view. Jay Chou fans, don't be mad. I'm also a big fan of Jay chou lorh! haha. And yea, in 2012 he is still an active actor for drama, movie and musical. He also compose songs for his own album and for other artist, and now he started writing movie's script and direct his own movie!. kyaa!. awesome Dan! 

As far as I know all his movie were blockbuster y'all. Maybe not all, but most of them are really famous in Thai. :) check this out 

He mostly being a hero in comedy-romantic drama!. I actually just watch Sat2mon (saturday to monday) week ago. This movie is his first baby!. He wrote the whole script, being the director and a hero!. God Job Dan!. believe it or not. I watch it without any subtitle because the movie just released in Thailand on August. But still, I enjoy watching from the first minute until the end. Smiling like a fool in front of my laptop.kyaaa! As I am a Thai-pro. puahaha. A very great light movie! But I will say I hate the ending. You will know why after watch it..keke..9.5/10 star for Sat2mon. minus 0.5 star because I don't want the ending to be like that! haha. I highly recommend Sat2mon. Do watch it peeps!

Even he already move forward, achieving his dream. He still the old Dan. You can see he post every related D2B thing in his IG. He and Beam still celebrate D2B anniversary and attend Big's death anniversary every 9th december. He also invite Beam in most of his project. Fyi, Beam is the second lead hero in Sat2mon :)

Dan already 26 years old this year! For me, he still young! Forever Young! keke. He is now in a relationship with Pattieung. Had you watch Bangkok Traffic Love Story?. I watched it before in Astro Citra during Ramadhan.keke. She's the one who have hundreds of phone chain on her handphone! remember her? I love her! I really don't know she is Dan's gf. kyaaaaa. I'm jealous! But I ship them! They really look cute together. They couple since around 2009-2010. Before start dating Pattie, Dan won't accept any work @ magazine shoot with her. I guess because he wanna take more time. Before this, he never announce his past relationship. Only after coupled with Pattie, he announced to the public that he start getting to know Pattie more serious. And the funny thing, his ex girlfriend, who also a thai famous actress reveal that she was Dan's ex. hahaha. funny! So, Pattie is the lucky one lorh! Dan is also Pattie's first love! So I guess Dan already decided to be Pattie's first and last love. awwww! love love love. They totally look cute together. Pattie is  6 years younger than Dan. kyaaa! she's the same age with me lorh! And yeah! Pattie is the heroin of Sat2mon!. I watched the making of Sat2mon and all their magazine cover behind the scene. They look wonderful together. Pattie is such a cutie you know, a bit crazy personality, tall and pretty famous actress and model in Thailand. And I really love how they stay cool in public. Not a very lovey-dovey couple in public, but they still remain sweet. kyaaa. Idk  how to explain. I just love them. get married please! kekeke. 
Ermmm. what more do you want to know? hahah. I think I already can fill in Dan's profile in wikipedia..I'll do so later. you know me, the ultimate fbi.,.puhahaha. 
oh oh oh! I just wanna tell you Dan is rich! hahaha. You know, this one show in Thailand where celebrity will do their house tour. kyaaa!!. he really have a big house! White Bangalow house with modern design, while his office that he build beside his house got this Thai's tradisonal design. And he got about 5-6 dogs playing in his backyard. while 3-4 cats playing inside with his mom. Adorable! The show broadcast about 1 year ago. so I think the house getting more big in 2012. puahaha., Here I already attach the video. Clik play! now! kekeke.

He loves travelling! he does travel a lot! and he's obsess with shades. I saw in most of his interview, radio show, variety show or even singing on stage, he always wear shades! lol. he looks good in shades indeed.

Omo, I really wrote a very long essay! I guess I'm totally  in love with him! puahahaha..I'm getting too excited seeing him on screen. oh god.his prettycute dimple's smile. I'm melting! Fyi, I already planned learning thai languange. I'm crazy!.sadly because it's really hard to find Thai's movie or lakorn with english subtitle. gosh. like it never exists in web. Plus, the DVD only will released in Malaysia after 8 moths. I saw DVD in yesasia, and it's really expensive. movie dvd with english sub price is the same price as k-drama dvd. *cry!* ㅠ-ㅠ.I should learn Thai languange then. kekeke..

Ok enough with Dan, I'm going to fangirling daybyday. I just love this man. haha. leave me alone!. who cares? haha. LOL!.
Here's his twitter! @dan_worrawech

So about other Freshie's cast that I can track down are Aon and Nathalie.
I took about 2 days searching for their twitter and any new news. Google and I find nothing! seriuously!.
After I found Nathalie's twitter, than I'm easily found Aon's.
The two of them not so famous like back days.As far as I know, They don't have more drama after Wai Rai High school and Wai Rai Freshie.

Nathalie known as a sexy model, mostly for bikini model rather than famous as an actress. She's really have than hot model's body. She is also a duo singer. heee. And now (2012) she's busy managing his business.   She open her own bakery shop @mollybakery, online shopping shop and a pet shop. :). She's pretty active in twitter and IG. She post her pic baking cake and how she was at her shop everyday. I hope she comeback to lakorn. I miss her in drama! She still pretty and hot!.
Nathalie Davis's Twitter : @nathalie6887
IG: nathalie_davies

About Aon Luckkhana,
I can't find anything about her. But,at least manage to see her in 2012. huhu. I guess she's now a DJ radio of "Virgin". I think I'm right because her profile picture's background is in radio station's Virgin. hee~~plus she only follow all DJ radio in her twitter. I just hope she will get any chance for lakorn or movie. She didn't have any lakorn after wai rai. She's pretty famous back than in overseas, not in Thailand maybe :(.  I bet everyone love her character in Wai Rai right? but I know~~, all Thai's new generation is pretty! tall! and super gorgeous. Not her luck maybe. Hope she's doing well and gain more fans in the future. She's only have average about 200-150 likes for her picture in IG :(. Btw, she still look the same and still look young.nothing change but only her long hair.:) Dear Aon, fighting! I'll look forward for your drama!
And one fact that I love about! She's a big fan of Harry Styles! puahhaha. She's following harry, Harry's fanbase twitter and also in instagram. keke. she's cute!!

Aon luckhanna twitter: @Aon_luckanna
IG: aon_luckkana26

Anyone know what happen to Rye, Jay, Aong and the rest of Wai Rai casts? I hope they stay healthy.That's the important thing. :)
Till then. Annyong!. I'm going to continue downloading Dan's lakorn and movie. now my external got more variety. Korean/japanese & now Thai. keke. I need 10000GB external!

Owh for those who want to watch Wai Rai Freshie full episodes with english subtitle, you can watch here. Please take note that you should on CC(captions) on you tube. then you can only see the subtitle. They just soft sub. so if you download using IDM, you can't see the sub. it's not hard sub yea. If you watch via smartphone, make sure you allow screen rotation, that's the only way you can turn on the CC button. Credit to wdfanclub

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Snowangel said...

OMG~~ Luv ur post! n becoz of tis, i'm walking thru the memory lane again^^ it feels like it was just yesterday tht i last watched Wai Rai Freshie, if not mistaken, it was x shown on TV2 1st, but Astro^ 4giv me if i'm wrong.... i'm also a NathalieDan shipper<33, they were sooooooooooooo cute 2gether(^__^).. so shock on wat happened 2 Big...he died at a very young age TT__TT May god bless him~

It also a sad thing tht not much of lakorn r shown widely in Malaysia...the last 1 i watched was Golf & Mike's Love Beyond Frontier on NTV7 few months back...huhuhu

p.s-> currently in luv wit Mario Maurer :)

♥polaristhenorthenstar♥ said...

@Snowangel hehehe. I don't really remember when it was broadcast @ on what tv station. coz it' really like ages ago right? glad ur love it!
Btw, Idk what to say about Big. I'm really sorry for him.It's really heartbreaking seeing his old parents take care of him each day.for the whole 4 years. RIP big. :(.

Mario Maurer? gosh he's hot!handsome and A list actor in thai. I saw his new movie in astro bluckbluster My True Friend! love his other movie too especially a little thing called love. kekeke.

Snowangel said...

He is such a cutie..i recently found out tht he acted along a filipino actress in a filipino's movie.. (4got wat the title was)

oOO..and thanks again 4 ur comment on my blog :)

♥polaristhenorthenstar♥ said...

@Snowangelyupe! I saw the trailer. with pinoy actress Erich gonzales . "suddenly its magic". wish someone upload that full movie soon. Mario speak in full english! he's adorabable.kyaaa~

btw, welcome. Write more n i'm sure being ur loyal reader! nice to know u :) <3

diehardfansofbigbang said...

Omg..thank God for posting this epic drama since i was in secondary school(11years ago). I stopped watching Thai drama since got the news about P'Big dies. This is so so so sad coz i'm in love with P'Big thru this drama(which is aired on Astro Prima). I cried so hard after got the news and today,i'm watching Thai's movie after 11years only bcoz of Tina Suppanad Jittaleela. Goshh,seeing her in my phonescreen really reminds me with P'Big(RIP P'Big..may God bless your soul and i promised to love you to death)

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