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Dear Primadonna and Queen's , I'm back after a very long hiatus. My online shop now re-opened. 
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So, as expected from Primadonna Malaysia, I received about 2 box of Five Treasure Box's orders. I don't think I can write an essay post today. So let just start with the review!

I'm totally in love with the album jacket. And thank you FNC for giving us new experience with this new album's packaging!Love it to the max!
The album cover made up from hard paper/board. I'm not too sure, but I'm sure it is a paper box!..kekeke.
It comes in a square size :)

So let see what's inside. >_<. I swear I'm excited too the max! never felt like this before. that is because I found an extremely awesome treasure inside! kekeke.
But before that, I'll show the CD first ok?keke. calm down Pri. scroll down later for those treasure okay! kekeke.
10 songs included in this album. And of course my most favourite will be the title song, I wish . Catchy melody, awesome guitar streaming, cute jaejin's rap and gah...idk what to say. perfect! except the lovey dovey part of my Hoon soebang in the MV! I don't like that part! haha.

And I choose second track 너외말, 4th track U as my favourite in this album! Forever love Jaejin's warm voice. ^^.

So, before this I already mention about new concept of album's packaging right in FTB .Usually we will get a photobook right? but, in Five Treasure Box, they made something different and something special :) they gives pieces of photos! kyaaaaa!!
They were 37 pieces all together! 7 pieces for each individual member and 2 pieces of group photos. It's like you were receiving such an awesome postcards all the way from korea. puahahaha. >_<

Please scroll down for more member's photocards! >p<

Jong Hoon's box: As you know nowdays he is extramely obsess with abs and muscles! keke.
HongKi's box:
Hongki spent his leisure time with all his dog. Aigoo, cutie pie!
JaeJin's box:
Haha. I laugh out loud with all Jin's photos. haha. the way he enjoying himself with potato chips..kyaaaa. >_<
Minari's box:
Aigooo..this little boy^^. Fyi, he keep that big white teddy since 2008. Maybe earlier.who knows. right? his fav bear. kekeke.
Bob's box:
haha.look like bob the only one who studying when they don't have schedule.good job Bob! you can beat Hoon someday! fighting! keke.

And this is the only group photos. :)

kkhun!!. hope you enjoy this review and for those who need this album. I got two left  for ready stock. For those who interested. Do contact me :
Ft Island Five Treasure Box ready stock album : 2 available
RM50 including postage to whole Malaysia. *updated: december 2012*

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Syaza Haris said...

Email sent!! Thanks kelly :)

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replied..hehek :D >_<

Syaza Haris said...

Kelly, i've checked seeral time bt din get ur reply email.. Huhu..

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

really? i'll check back..:D

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