Friday, June 22, 2012


Salam manis, 
Bacth 11 just arrived this evening :) 2 hours ago. So for those who really curious when will her/his album will arrived. This is yours. I am sorry for not replying all your curiosity...Please and please take note. All your order is pre-order. After batch closed, your order will only arrived 2-3 weeks. Excluding weekends. 
If you are not willing to wait. I advice you, don't buy. And sometimes, you must consider the procedure it takes to arrived in Malaysia. Korea Pos, Kastam Diraja, pos laju...& yea =_=' Pos laju always takes times to send it to me. Even though  I use EMS, but they never send it to me on the right times. Btw, I already put all this FAQ in the page. So, I won't answer for each of your message again & again. K . peace y'all. I love you all customers. keke♥ 

And for those who orders Big Bang Alive Tour Official Goods, It will arrived later. Because I spilt the box into two shipment. So Customs Diraja would not hold my items. I don't want you to pay more. So, hope you all can wait. :) 

Btw, let's start the review dearies. 
pstttt~I cancel my own order for Love Rain OST part 2 and buy this Big Bang Special Edition. kekeke. 
Still Alive Special Edition Official Poster 
Mine is GD version. >_<. Awesome like always. YG never disappointed us with the designs. 
 But, I laugh because no GD on the cover. :D Only his clothes. puahaha >_<. The Special Edition Still Alive comes with a square size and smaller than Alive album edition. It's white, clean and neat. personally I love the cover more than Alive edition. Because the Alive edition comes with a metal cover. It rust after 3 weeks . ㅠ-ㅠ. So this type of cover are better. It will never rusted. keke. :D 
 There are CD+card package, photo booklet, brochure and branding booklet
YG member card 
The CD 
 Special Edition Track list 
1. Still ALive
2. Monster
4. Fantastic Baby
5. Bad Boy
6. Blue
7. Bingle Bingle
8.Love Dust 
Of course my favourite will be Monster. It's an epic song with epic MV. genius GD huhu. 

And show timee~~The photo booklet y'all >_<.  Even though the photo booklet is not as thick as Alive Edition. It's still awesome. Full of G-Dragon awesomeness.  Thanks YG coz includes other members individual pictures in GD photo booklet :) 

enjoy more ^-^v 

And I want to mention again that I buy all the items direct from music company in Korea. All the album you buy from me counted in Hanteo Chart and K-Chart. Here are the original receipt for all the payment. I just realised I never show this before. Coz before this, I didn't ask for the receipt. But because some of you saying that I'm cheating about the Hanteo Chart. This is for you. 
You can read my previous entry about Hanteo Chart and how you can help your idol to win music award. :) 

That's all. Hope you enjoy yours :) 
And here are some of other others. We have FT Island's 20 Twenty, 2AM F Scott Fitzgerald's Way Of Love, & Big Bang Alive Edition. 
For those who want to order albums from me. visit my facebook page at My Treasure Paradise.
And If you interested to open your own online shop. I can be your supplier. Price are negotiable.  
email me at : 

my special present for the sweet person. :) This is for you dear. Wait for the postman soon. keke. I wait so long for this. It kepp out of stock. grr~~. 

p/s: ♥I will send all yours tomorrow. will wrapped all this awesome treasures tonight. But, please take note, It depends on Pos Laju how efficient their work. So, please be patient dearies. It will reach you either on Monday/Teusday. just maybe. remember, they closed on weekends. kekeke. 

♥Another box for batch 11 will arrived soon

♥Batch 12 closed on 24th June 2012. Faster palce your order. Every purchase RM200 above will received a random poster in tube. Either FT Island, Big Bang and Super Junior Official poster. weee~~
Palliiii before you late. >_

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Oh. Im droolin over the big bang album. I want it but i guess i have to wait for it later. Still no bufget right now. I have to save to but big bang alive tour ticket. For the crown lightstick i will bank in to u later. Thanks.

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