Monday, April 23, 2012


Salam manis,
 Welcome back to Polaris Memoirs :). My blog recovered, Thanks God ♥ I thought I lost this precious blog forever because Google deleted it . But yeah, manage to recover it back :) So, do come again later ya . >_< 

Surprised! FT Island "NEVERLAND" arrived today . I did told you that I estimated it will arrive on May 1st right? keke. Btw, I still open order for NEVERLAND & other Japanese version. Do place your order now at My treasure Paradise [click here to order] happy! will give review inside this awesome NEVERLAND. psttt~~I bought the CD+DVD version. don't be jealous y'all. ekeke. 

Today is my first time listening to full version of NEVERLAND. hey youuu!! you not suppose to spread the illegal link! you are not helping the boys :(. 8th place in Oricon? that's because of youuuuuu .spread the ILLEGAL link audio on the first day NEVERLAND released? that all because of you! grrr.
Ok enough.

Let's the review begin :) kyaaa~~~^o^
 This is the cover for NEVERLAND CD+DVD version. yeah! My Hoon Soebang at the center! kyaaaa>_<. The awesome cover ever for their japanese album.
 The CD :) consist of ~~. I will say my favourite is YUKI :)
Track 1: NEVERLANDTrack 2: WANNA GOTrack 3: YUKITrack 4: NEVERLAND instrumental
 & the DVD consist of :
1. X'mas Live 2011 Winter Night "Let It Go & Distance Multi Angle"
2. NEVERLAND music video
3. NEVERLAND the making & special feature  

 and here are the song lyric :)
NEVERLAND : song by Choi Jong Hoo :) kekeke. *proud*proud* ~_^
 Back cover

 And I also got order for the CD version :). HongKi at center :)
 back cover for CD version ^-^

Btw, all of you who buy NEVERLAND from me will get this awesome photo card :)

Not but not least, here are BUDOKAN DVD :)

p/s: I will send all NEVERLAND & BUDOKAN tomorrow. will give you pos laju tracking number later.
And really sorry for batch 7. I still didn't received the item from Korea ,because they still prepare to restock FT Island 2010 photo book. That's why it takes time.  I will inform when batch 7 order arrived. please wait :) Still not reach 2-3 weeks right? So, hope u guys can be patient & stop asking me when the album arrive. keke.

NEVERLAND jjang! >_

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Anonymous said...

Hello, can i ask if you sell FT ISLAND BUDOKAN CONCERT DVD (BRAND NEW).

I understand the DVD is only available for Japan region. Hence, i am unable to buy as I am staying in Singapore.

Please comment.

Thank you.


♥KellY Eun♥ said...

I order the DVD from Japan. Have supplier there. It's brand new n the dvd region is region 2. Even though it's region 2, {malaysia & singapore:region 3] but it can be played here in M'sia. Via DVD pleyer n Laptop ^-^v.

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