Sunday, March 25, 2012


Salam manis,
Batch 5 orders arrived. Just a small amount of orders because most of you order tonsssss of Japanese album. kyaaaa! Can't wait for parcel from Japan arrive>_

Big Bang "Alive" with G-Dragon cover
SJ-M repackage
FT Island's Return, Grown Up and Flower Rock
The famous Amous FT Island 2012 season Greetings

And POLARIS MEMOIRS I'M THE LUCKY STAR lucky draw will be officially closed on 27th March 2012 (12am). palli join now! kekeke

Owh yesterday I went to Twin Live concert. yeaw! meet SNSD. The 8 girls really reallyy pretty! Yuri didn't come. At last, can see my Sica & Sunny unnie. Idk what to say. They are super awesome! I don't take many pictures. Forgot to charge the DSLR dang! pabo me. my digital camera can't zoom too much since I'm not at the Golden Fan zone nor the Premium fan zone. kekeke. but still, can see them and I'm enjoying their 6 songs! must go to their full concert when they come to Malaysia. They promise us. keke. >_< Girl Generation jjang!!!!! And Sone also jjang! I can say 98%  of the audience yesterday are boys! 1st concert I come with so many fan boys. daebak! :D
Banner from mysone <3

I'm writing this entry on 4.11am. I have to got to airport two hours more. just finish packing my luggage. 
>_<./. Tired to the max because of 3 days of hectic days. Non stop busy life. keke. 
I will be in Sabah hours more. I miss home! >_<

p/s: ahhhhh. I said I will send the album on Monday  right? kekee. hours more I'll be in Sabah. Don't worry. It will be post from KL. So, u will get ur parcel on Wednesday.  I already finish wrapped and packaging your albums. My junior will help me to post to Pos Laju. Thanks my dear Junior. Thanks Ain! <3
Happy Holiday dearies~~


Nzyrahun said...

nanti nazyrah nak beli dari sis lah kalau macam ni, especially japan album ! XD

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

especially for you~~lalala. ok dear! keep in touch then. <3

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