Friday, April 15, 2011


Salam manis,
Tadi dapat msj dari cik Hera, my dear primadonna friend. She asked how do I design and customize my Mozilla  just like she saw in my previous entry. kekekeke. 

 So I decided to make tutorial for her. And maybe it would help my other Primadonna friends to put our FT Island boys to their Mozilla. I'll write this tutorial in english, coz u know Primadonna are worldwide. They can't understand malay. heeeee =_=. Just a simple tutorial for you chinggu ^-^.

step 1) Make sure you are using Firefox. It only works on Mozilla Firefox ^-^.

step 2) Click on this link CUSTOMIZE YOUR MOZILLA (Right click >Open this link on new tab)
then you will see this page

 scroll down 

 click on the link and you will see this page. follow the next step

step 3: Point your mouse cursor on the persona and it will automatically preview how the persona works on your Mozilla. After choosing your favorite persona. Click on 'Wear it'. 

After click on "Wear It", you will see this page.

and now how do I design my google homepage. change your google homepage background. Make it pretty dear!. hahahaa.
opps! remember! GOOGLE HOMEPAGE only.

this box will appear after you click on change background image
follow the next step >_<
And you are done! with your new goggle homepage. no more lame and plain google home page


hyun said...

kamsahamnida eonnie ^^

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

u r welcome dear~~~~~>_<

norhatizah mohamed said...

yeay~ comel suda mozilla ku hehe

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

hehehhe,,yeah! comel sudahh~~~

Anonymous said...

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