Sunday, July 29, 2012


Salam manis,

So here we come. Another album review :D. All my customer's order arrived on Friday. So that's means my album also arrived...keke. But first of all. I would like to say Happy 3rd Anniversary to all Queen's. It's a lil bit awkward, coz the whole 3 years, we known each other as Diadem right? :) Let us stay together no matter what happen in the future, no matter how hurt all the hatter's word. Let us stay and support our unnies, ne? Fighting my dearest Queen's chinggu. I admit, It's really frustrated to some us coz all the rumours and bad news came on the 3rd anniversary, please stay and be strong. Deep in my heart, I still can't accept the fact of 9-ara. But,I know I will be ok as the time goes by :) . Let's us be positive, enjoy their music like before and give our full support to them..Hwaiting! My advise, let us wait for the official announcement. I prefer do not read all the articles from "a--Kpop". ㅠ-ㅠ. that's all. 

Ok enough. Cut the crap. I'm really excited with this album..because it's really really.....really big!
jyeah~~big,thick and the most important thing, it's cheap. keke..the actual price not more than USD8. :) Same Price as Lovey Dovey,Roly Poly and Cry Cry.
Worth it!
As always, they never let their fan disappointed. 
What else I could say. It's awesome
Good songs + daebak photo book. 
It's like an awesome gift for me because the photo book full of my three ultimate bias goddess photos. keke. Full of pretty Jiyeon+Eun Jung+ Hyomin. *kyaaaa~~*. >_<

Day by Day mini album contains five song. 

I will say my favourites are Day by day and 떠나지마. A really sad songs that remind me with all their hardship plus all the things happen before. You know what I mean right? ㅠ_ㅠ
Track 5, which is  사랑놀이 give you 90 century mood. :D. Just like Round Round and Roly Poly. 

The CD cover quite simple, but I really love the Tiara symbol. :) 

First 8 pages of the photo book contains all members individual pics including new member, Areum :) 

The next pages floods with gorgeous photos of the pretty trio. keke. All the photos from Day by Day MV and behind the scenes. I'm Loving it!. >_<
 There are more pictures actually. The photo book is about 100 pages. kekeke. 
Ok then. that's all. 
As usual, If you still haven't buy this. You can simply order from me. Special to all Queen's, I will give free poster :D. [Click here to order at my online shop]. Free shipping to whole Malaysia. 

Till then. Take care dearies. 

p/s: nervous for tomorrow announcement from T-ara CEO KKS.Pray for T-ara. Everything gonna be alright.  


Anonymous said...

oooo... still available?? just ask ^^

♥KellY Eun♥ said...

yupe..available for pre-order...if you want, simply go to my online shop @ facebook :)

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